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  • My Magic: The Gathering CURRENT YEAR Hall of Fame Ballot

    The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame discussion has begun anew, so Reuben weighs in on [CURRENT YEAR]'s discussion!
  • My Magic: The Gathering [CURRENT YEAR] Hall of Fame Ballot

    The Hall of Fame discussion is underway, so guest writer Reuben Bresler "weighs" in!
  • A Socio-Political Criticism of Magic: The Gathering

    Neale breaks out his scholar's cap and breaks down the hidden truth buried in Magic.
  • Ravnican Politics

    Izzet action in a small section of the Gruul leads to plane-wide instability.
  • Art Review: Kiora, the Crashing Wave

    Join Angus Brayden as he takes a look at Kiora, the Crashing Wave. How does her art hold up?
  • Theran Cuisine

    Inkwell Looter toured Theros to find the greatest greasy spoon of the plane.
  • Theros Flavor Rejects

    Not all flavors pass Wizard's muster. MJ dug up a few rejected from Theros.
  • Teysa Mad!

    Mike uncovered an oddly familiar yet scathing letter from Teysa Karlov to her fellow Orzhov guildmates.
  • Legacy Building

    Who needs Force of Will? Mike has brewed a Legacy deck that's far cheaper than you'd think.
  • Banned-Aid

    With the "Two Card Combo" ban in effect, Jules looks at how Commander will continue to evolve.