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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Alex Ullman

    First Half of 2018 Grand Prix Schedule Released

    The first half of the 2018 Grand Prix schedule features multiple Team Events and three double Grand Prix weekends.
  • Robert Burrows

    Changes to Pro Play in 2018

    Pro Tours are moving around a bit and a special Team Trios Event is planned for next year!
  • Inside the Deck

    Inside the Deck: The Dragonmaster

    Who is The Dragonmaster? Inside the Deck dives into the history and story of Pro Tour Hall of Fame player Brian Kibler.
  • Inside the Deck

    Playing on Your First Pro Tour

    Inside the Deck goes inside Pro Tour Return to Ravnica, following a first time PT attendee!
  • Devon Rule

    SDCC Panel: Return to Ravnica and More!

    If you thought the PAX East panel announcing Return to Ravnica was awesome, Devon's rundown of everything shared at San Diego Comic Con is something you can't miss!
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