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Changes to Pro Play in 2018


Continuing the train of Magic announcements this week, Scott Larabee highlighted some changes that are going to be made to the Pro Tour next year in his Organized Play Update.

Traditionally, Pro Tours have taken place two weeks after the release of a new set. “For years now, Pro Tours have come closely on the heels of a set's release and have set the Standard metagame,” Scott says in the article. Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan is still set to follow this model (taking place Feb. 2-4, 2018), but the Pro Tours taking place after that will shake up the model.

“We are still finalizing the remainder of 2018's Pro Tour dates, but will share them in July.” Organized play is still finalizing the dates of the remaining Pro Tours for 2018, but they are hoping unpinning Pro Tours from a set’s release will afford them more flexibility.

The other major announcement from Larabee’s article is the planning of a special Team Trios event for the Pro Tour associated with next year’s Core Set.

“As Mark Rosewater discussed on Monday, we are moving back to printing a core set every year, but we won't be treating the core sets exactly like non-core sets. Similarly, we won't be treating next year's Pro Tour like any other Pro Tour—we're holding a special 25th Anniversary Pro Tour where the format will be a team competition!”

Scott Larabee

Separate from the Pro Tour Team Series, this Team Trio Pro Tour seeks to be the culmination of Magic’s 25th Anniversary celebration next year.

That’s all Scott Larabee was able to share, but there will be more news on the Pro Tour dates in 2018 in July and more information on the team trios for the Core Set Pro Tour will be coming very soon. Wizards is welcoming feedback on the Organized Play announcements via Twitter at both @wizards_magic and @magicprotour.

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