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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jim Davis

    White Finally Gets A Piece Of The Pie

    White has long been at the mercy of an underwhelming slice of the Color Pie, but Jim sees things are finally changing!
  • Danny West

    Becoming a Number One Performer

    Danny breaks down what it means to perform in the context of Magic!
  • Michael Flores

    Simple Synergy

    What does it mean for cards to be synergistic? Mike Flores breaks down synergy simple!
  • Jason Alt

    The Other 75%

    Alternate interpretations of his flagship Commander theory have caused Jason to develop a new facet of 75%!
  • Michael Flores

    The Limit of Almost Every Deck

    Mike takes a look at the big limiting factor for every deck's potential: what it can get out of its mana base!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Top Five Deck-Building Tips for Beginners

    Mark lays out some tips for players new to deck-building in Commander!
  • Michael Flores

    The Case for Azorius Control in Standard

    Mike makes the case for what he considers to be the most fun deck to play in Standard: Azorius Flash!
  • Michael Flores

    The Barbarian's Guide to Innovation

    Mike Flores breaks down some of the Standard innovations from the Innistrad Championship!
  • Michael Flores

    Getting Edges in Paper!

    As real life tournaments make their slow return, Mike Flores has some tips about how you gain edges in paper play!
  • Michael Flores

    The Cheat Codes to the Universe

    Some of the new cards from Crimson Vow provide the perfect opportunity to reveal some of Mike's gameplay secrets!
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