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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Great Magic Writing of the Week, January 26

    From art and artists to movies and money: this is some of the best Magic writing of the week.
  • Jason Alt

    Who to Follow – Trick and Gavin

    Can you level up to Wizards through the community? Jason shares two who did.
  • Trick Jarrett

    Retrospective on 2011 World Championships

    Trick looks back over this year's Worlds and shares stories, thoughts, and opinions on this year's penultimate event.
  • Trick Jarrett

    Passing the Baton

    Trick is preparing to pass the baton to the chosen successor, inside he announces just who that will be. (Bet you can't guess.)
  • Adam Styborski

    Taking The Baton

    Adam is eager to announce that he's taking the baton from Trick and will be taking over as the chief for GatheringMagic.com
  • Trick Jarrett

    Are You Watching Closely?

    Trick has some big news, but to explain it he discusses the three parts to every illusion: the Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige. Trick pulls off his greatest feat yet!
  • Trick Jarrett

    Innistrad in Letters

  • Trick Jarrett

    LGS Feature: The ManCave

  • Trick Jarrett

    PAX Day 3 & Wrap-Up

    PAX has come to a close, Trick shares the events of his last day, and gives shout outs for the awesome weekend.
  • Trick Jarrett

    Reporting from PAX - Day 1

    Trick hits PAX 2011 in Seattle, WA and reports back on his day 1 experiences. He tells a few stories and who he talks to.
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