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Decks Inspired by War of the Spark


Hello folks!

Welcome to Spark War! Two planeswalkers enter, and one leaves.

Single Combat

I hope your day is going well. Shoot, I hope your life is going well! Welcome to the ongoing War fun times we get from every set. Today I want to unpack a few cards in War of the Spark that have, err......


I am not going to do it! I am not going to use a bad reference to the title. I am above something like "sparked my deck-building interests." I am better than that.

So here we go, article in progress:

Let's take a gander at some cards that have pinged my deck-building radar, and then give you some deck lists.

Much better!

After all, this game isn't about mere card theory, but actual playing of games.

Let's kick this thang off!

Deck #1 - Fblthp's Last Hurrah

You know what? I have to build around him. Fblthp is a challenge that I want to solve.

Let's do it. Let's build around the little tyke.

Fblthp, the Lost
Riptide Shapeshifter

My main combo buddy is Riptide Shapeshifter. Once you resolve a Shapeshifter, you can sacrifice it naming Homunculus, and assuming Fblthp is the only one in your deck, you'll fetch it onto the battlefield.

I am also running a suite of useful enters-the-battlefield triggers with different creature types, in order to maximize the Shapeshifter's flexible value in this suite of dorks. Here are a few examples:

Sphinx of the Final Word

Jellyfish! You want to bounce something, and barring Hydroid Krasis, there's very little competition for Jellyfish in creature types. Sphinx? Because it's free, let's grab something with a real battlefield presence. I thought about Sphinx of Uthuun, but I like a dedicated beater that can slow your foes down better.

Inkwell Leviathan
Deep-Sea Kraken

Need a beater? How about a single Leviathan to fetch out? Or two Kraken? (You can suspend them earlier so they have value other than being fetched out, They are good at that as well!).

Vedalken Dismisser

How about naming Vedalken? This guy is awesome! You can grab it for free, so the six mana cost won't be as much of an issue, and you can toss a dork onto your library and abuse it!

Proteus Staff

Proteus Staff is Proteus Perfect! Tuck a dork onto the bottom of your library, and then toss the top dork onto the battlefield. If you have Dismisser'd something of your own, then you can grab it for free. Draw those sweet Fblthp cards!

What else?



If you draw a creature and then need to put in back into your library to fetch, Brainstorm will help!

And there we are. Let's take a looksee at our deck.

Did you like it? I hope so!

What's next?

Deck #2 - Wolf Lovin'

Tolsimir Wolfblood

The initial Tolsimir Wolfblood is one of my favorite legendary dorks from Ravnica, because he feels so old school, with a name and slate of abilities that feel like they were lifted from Legends. Tolsimir Wolfblood. Like Boris Devilboon or Rasputin Dreamweaver. A first name that sounds Eastern European and a last name that combines two words into one. Tap and make a Voja? Pump stuff up?

Master of the Hunt

Compare him to, say, Master of the Hunt or Kaysa. Mr. Blood of Wolves sort of combines them both. Tap and make a dork! Pump your stuff! Your dork gets +2/+2! The initial version always felt very old school and throwback-y in a way that really resonated with me. I adore Tolsimir.

And thus, I must use his new card.

Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves

Welcome back my friend! Welcome back. Your reign begins anew.

As I am sure you already noted, he gets along with fellow Lover of Wolves, ArlinnKord:

Arlinn, Voice of the Pack

Both Arlinn and Tolsimir have triggers for the arrival of Wolves to the battlefield. They are both in the same set. So, you know what's coming next, right? Right!

We have cards like Tolsimir and Arlinn that are here. Note that old Tolsimir's Voja can be out at the same time as new Voja, as they have different names. I also included Wolf Maker Garruk Relentless, as well as Wolf-themed support cards like Tooth and Claw and Pounce.

Howling Wolf

I really enjoy the trick that Howling Wolf brings to the table. New-Tolsimir will net you life and maybe fight off a dork when a fellow Wolf brings it to the battlefield. So grabbing a full slate of Wolves when this one arrives will give you a grip of Wolfish beats. Howling Wolf for the win.


Next on Days of Our Wars?

Deck #3 - Mono-White Double Strike Love

Have you noticed the synergy of Nahiri and Kwende?

Nahiri, Storm of Stone
Kwende, Pride of Femeref

Nahiri and Kwende are clearly best friends. Nahiri grants your whole team first strike on your turn, which Kwende will improve to double striking.

Hmm... Where to go? I can think of many angles that work. But how about Mono-White instead of Boros to push myself?

Kwende inspires me. See his type line?

How about a Knight deck?

Valiant Knight
Benalish Marshal
Knight Exemplar

We have a number of Knights that will pump your team. If every dork is a cheap Knight, then you'll have some strong game. But I really envision this as more of a mid-range Knight deck than a White weenie one that caps off at three mana. Note that they will be improved to double striking if you have Nahiri and Kwende out. The best part of that is your power boosts will count double when you swing at someone's face. The indestructible from Knight Exemplar will help you swing in the Red zone without worrying about collateral damage, and Nahiri can shoot folks down that dared to swing at you.

Note that Knights with first strike, such as Knight Exemplar or Paladin en-Vec won't need Nahiri to get double strike. Kwende will grant it on his own.

Thalia's Lancers

My top end creature is Thalia's Lancers. First strike? Knight? Check and check. And you can get a Nahiri or Kwende from your deck so whichever you need to make the double strike Magic happen will come to your hand.

Actually, let's add one more legendary and call this a deck!

Balan, Wandering Knight

Balan offers a solid body at the four spot, with a 3/3, first strike, a double strike if you've tossed equipment on them, and a useful ability.

And now? Let's wrap this up with some equipment, and call it a day!

Like this deck? Great! How about adding in Gideon, Ally of Zendikar or History of Benalia to it?

You've got this!

And much like the Wolves, I ensured that everything here felt Knight-esque, such as Righteous Confluence or Sigiled Sword of Valeron. Note that your Lancers can also fetch out Godsend as well. Rack up those deck-building options!

And there we go! As always, thanks for reading!

Anything in here that you want to run? Do any of these decks inspire you? Are there any cards from War of the Spark that you are excited to brew around? Let me know!