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Top Ten Cards from MH3 #2!


Hello awesome MTG fans! Last week (Top Ten Cards from Modern Horizons 3 | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com)) I gave you my initial take on the best stuff in the set that was just released for casual play like Commander, Five Color, Highlander, Pauper/Peasant and Type Four for multiplayer stuff. This week we'll hit this thing up again with another Top Ten!

#14. Tamiyo, Inquistive Student // Tamiyo, Seasoned Scholar

Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student // Tamiyo, Seasoned Scholar

Ah yes, another cheap flip-walker, this time on a one-drop mono-Blue 0/3 flyer that turns attacks into Clues. She triggers when you draw your third card on any turn into the 2 loyalty Simic colored 'walker with a +2 to force everyone attacking you or her to drop in power by one, -3 to Regrowth an instant or sorcery back, and add mana if it's Green. Her abilities aren't super hot with just two loyalty and she cannot transform early outside of clever things like Brainstorm, but a one-drop 0/3 flyer that makes Clues is amazing without any support.

#13. Ripples of Undeath

Ripples of Undeath

Hello self-mill and Black fans! This two-drop is next to meet your needs!! Costing just two, you'll mill three in your precombat phase and then you can pay 3 life and a mana to draw one. That's card draw, and mill, in one thing! The only issue here is the 3 life each activation cost and card drawn, which is one more than Greed but not the worst thing in Commander starting with 40 life, but 20 life formats like Five Color this is less useful, hitting lower on your list for that reason. Get it, got it, good!

#12. Ajani, Nacatl Pariah // Ajani, Nacatl Avenger

Ajani, Nacatl Pariah // Ajani, Nacatl Avenger

Another flip-walker is here! This time a 1/2 for two that brings a 2/1 Cat token so 3/3 total power and toughness for two mana! Then this can turn into the planeswalker with a death of that or another Cat. Then you get a feasible 3 loyalty and then +2 to go wide with Cats at +1/+1 counters for them all, or 0 to make another Cat 2/1 dork, this time with a red permanent will make it deal that damage for board or player control. Cats are awesome and have loads of support in Boros.

#11. Shadow of the Second Sun

Shadow of the Second Sun

This six-drop Blue Aura will give you another untap to get your stuff reused, another upkeep to get cool triggers and another draw step to draw that card, in your post-combat main phase! That's a lot of value in one card, and from upkeep triggers like Phyrexian Arena to untapping lands for mana or dorks that just swung, there's so much going on here! Love this thing so much it's totally worth the six to drop it! And you can enchant a foe if they have upkeep that'll kill them they are looking to avoid. Run this Aura!

#10. Six


Top Ten Time! Hello mono-Green fans, this is our first of three cards hitting this week! This legendary Commander eligible Treefolk costs three for a beefy toughness four and two power with reach like Giant Spider. It has an attack trigger to mill three and recur a land from them, this time for free no costs needed. Then your nonlands in your graveyard have retrace, so you can discard that land you Regrowthed or what you drew naturally and then cast the nonland and get it back onto the battlefield. This works for any nonland, not just dorks! Leading or in the 99, this is awesome in lands, permanents or self-mill brews!

#9. Ashling, Flame Dancer

Ashling, Flame Dancer

Another mono-colored Gruul colored legendary Commander eligible is next! This costs four for an on curve 4/4 that has magecraft. Note your Red mana doesn't end as turns and steps do, much like the first Omnath in Green, heavily played. The magecraft trigger will let you rummage a card (discard to draw, instead of looting to draw and discard in Blue). Good card flow, but not advantage. The second time you do it, you shoot each other player and dork they control for two damage. The third time? Make four red mana! Card flow? Mana ramping? Player and dork control? Legendary and on curve? See why it's here? I hope so too!

#8. Genku, Future Shaper

Genku, Future Shaper

Our first gold legendary varmint is this four-drop 2/5 Modal leader with a blocking 2/5 body, a bit small. It has an ETB trigger for another nontoken only permanent, not just varmints, you control, when it leaves play. You can get one of three options, but more than once per turn. A 2/2 vigilance Fox, a 1/1 Rat with lifelink and a 1/2 flying Moonfolk! Then you can mana sink five here to perma-grow your critters by a +1/+1 counter on each! It's instant speed so it can be a combat trick. Since this is a leaves play but not death trigger, it'll work for things like Blink, Aristocrats, Sacrifice brews, my famous Equinaut deck, and even Aggro with your trades. I adore this way much! I hope you do too!

#7. Nulldrifter


Hitting my middle spot on my middle Top Ten is this! It costs seven mana colorless but has a Blue color identity for Commander with that evoke. It draws two just like classic Mulldrifter and has +2/+2 size for its cost. And annihilator 1 to annoy people too. It costs preciously seven so it's Tron-able. Then it can be evoked for three to draw two, and that counts as leaves play for the previous guy, so you will want to run them together! J'adore!

#6. Kudo, King Among Bears

Kudo, King Among Bears

This 2-drop Selesnya Bear cost and type and size is next! It forces everything else to become 2/2 Bears! They'll keep their abilities. It works for opposing stuff too. This is a great break on your foe's bigger stuff and will pump your small stuff in size and works for tokens too. For example, the 0/1 Plant tokens Green makes are now 2/2s, ditto 1/1 Saprolings or Squirrels. Or Soldiers from Decree of Justice or Mobilization. This is a brilliant brake on your foes and you can build around him in you Command Zone! Might I also suggest adding him to a Hate Bears since your dorks will already be small there? I think you might like that too!

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#5. Nightshade Dryad

Nightshade Dryad

Our top scoring common in the set for Pauper/Peasant fun times is this two-drop mana Dryad that has deathtouch to play keep away and 1/2 size. It taps for colorless mana, good in decks with those cost, and then also for one of each color of mana, so it's a better Birds of Paradise since it taps for colorless too. It's the best mana dork ever since nothing taps for colorless and all colors of mana with no restrictions. It's awesome possum! Get your deathtouching ramp on now!

#4. Crabomination


This six-drop emerge from artifacts 5/5 mono-Black Crab Demon is next! It has an ETB trigger for exiling the top card of your foe's library, and random from their graveyard and their hand too. Then you can cost one spell exiled for free! Free stuff, you are exiling three things, on at random so they cannot be reused. It's worse for them than letting them choose what was exiled from their hand. Getting three options and one free should really line up nicely for that point in the game when this is used. I love this in Type Four with its infinite mana, but one spell per turn but free stuff and alternate costs will get around that, so emerge can be free and then your free spell can be free too, or you can just cast this turn one and get one free thing from your foe there. It's brilliant there.

#3. Birthing Ritual

Birthing Ritual

This two-drop enchantment in Green is next! In your end step it triggers, so cast it prior to get your first trigger. You dig seven cards if you control a dork, and then you can sac a dork to drop an up to one mana more bigger dork (or fewer) from the seven you dug and drop it for free. It's obviously inspired by Birthing Pod, which is hugely popular. It's worth the high spot on my list! This is our highest scoring rare!

#2. Marionette Apprentice

Marionette Apprentice

Another two-drop this time uncommon (Peasant) is this 1/2 size with fabricate 1 to make a free Servo or make it bigger in size. Then it has a death trigger for any creature...or...artifact you control to force each foe to lose a life! There is no non-token there so this is amazing in ton of different archetypes. It's a nasty win con the level of Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat only more versatile. It'll dominate from turn two to turn 20!

#1. Urza's Cave

Urza's Cave

This counts as a Cave for things that care, and a Urza land too. This arrives untapped, taps for colorless, and then taps with three to sac and fetch out a land tapped. Did you notice what word is missing there? Yup! It's "basic" like Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse. It'll fetch out any land, from Maze of Ith to the half of the Cabal Coffers/Urborg combo you don't have to win con in land form Rogue's Passage or Field of the Dead or card draw like War Room and Geier Reach Sanitarium. From recursion (Academy Ruins) to mill (Nephalia Drownyard) you have so many ways to fetch it out, also this works well with Urzatron and Cloudposts to get more out without missing a land drop.

And there we are!

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