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How to Build Aeve, Progenitor Ooze


Hello folks! I hope that you have the best day in the world! Today is the third day I have dedicated to crafting a Commander deck from legendary creatures introduced in Modern Horizons 2.

What have I built around already? Great question let's take a look see!

  1. First, I built around Yusri, Fortune's Flame! This deck is rife with cards that flip coins and care about flipping coins like Krark's Thumb and Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom. It was awesome and you can check it out here!
  2. Secondly, I built around Carth the Lion and made a great Golgari Planeswalker Matters brew around said Lion. I ran cards like Grist, the Hunger Tide and Rings of Brighthearth. I also made sure to skip the EDHREC.com page to really build the deck all on my own. Want to check out Carth's Buddies Brew?

And that's it! Today we'll be doing my first mono-colored EDH build from the set.

Who am I building around today?

Aeve, Progenitor Ooze

Aeve! Isn't it majestic? You have five-mana 2/2, which is a bit on the slow side, but it arrives to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each Ooze you control, so it can get big! It also has storm, which is unheard of on a creature. Each copy is a token, and tokens that are copies of Aeve aren't legendary. Note that Magecraft won't trigger off your copies since they aren't instants or sorceries.

There are two ways to build around Aeve that strike my mind and we'll need to pick a lane.

Build #1: Ooze Tribal

Under this build, we'd run every Ooze in mono-Green in order to secure as big of an Aeve as possible. According to Gatherer we have 20 more such Oozes that are in color. I could toss them all into the build! Then we add in generic cards that care about tribes like Adaptive Automaton.

Build #2: Storm Matters

In my other build I push storm as much as possible. I run cards that are as cheap as possible, like many 1-drops and a lot of ramp spells that will enable us to cast as many spells as possible in a turn!

What am I thinking?

Let's do both!

Here's what I need!

  • Oozes - As many mono-Green Oozes as possible!
  • Tribes Matter - As many tribal cards as we can run!
  • Cantrips - We need to run cards that replace themselves. Since we're in Green we have a number of dorks that replace themselves that we can run in additional to sorceries and instants.
  • Card Draw - We'll need enough card drawing en masse to make sure that we can get a big storm off reliably.
  • Ramp - We'll run the normal expected ramp stuff to make sure we have enough mana to storm off of.
  • Support - We'll need support like free spells or protection from our going wide stuff dying to help keep up with the Joneses. You may also note a few ways to make Aeve unblockable in order to help win more quickly with Commander damage since it has no evasive abilities.

All right let's get started with my build!

Masked Vandal

The first place I wanted to head was changeling support. These are both cheap, Standard-legal, and Green changelings. I love the Realmwalker as it will help a single creature type, like my oozes, get cast from the top of your library, which also ups your spell count for Aeve's storming fun times. The Vandal can get dropped very early in the game and can turn a dead dork into an exiled artifact or enchantment. I have not added any other graveyard recursion (except for two spells I had to) so feel free to use it with a great creature. Exiling removal is awesome at the kitchen table!

Acidic Slime
Scavenging Ooze

I tossed in a bunch of Oozes including this Commander essential duo. The Slime is epic and played in 37,769 decks over at EDHREC.com and it is a powerful effect that can destroy a key card on arrival to the battlefield as well as deathtouch to trade up. The Ooze is in 17,002 decks and is a great 2-drop that can exile cards in graveyards for a mana each, and if they were dorks, it gets bigger. Again, no major recursion themes here so abuse this Ooze with combat tricks and such if you need to.

Biogenic Ooze
Slurrk, All-Ingesting

Check out this duo! Aeve is not the only lord for Oozes, right? We have the Biogenic option as well. It's five mana for a 2/2 token and a 2/2 dork, which is okay for the curve as you'll toss a +1/+1 counter on each Ooze on your end step. Given how wide this deck wants to go with Oozes? Nasty, right? Aeve is not the first legendary mono-Green Ooze - check out Slurrk. It's six mana for a 5/5 that also puts counters on other dorks that have counters on them when it, or others with counters, die. If you have it out at the same time as Biogenic Ooze? Nasty stuff!

Biowaste Blob
Oran-Rief Ooze

Here's a duo you might not have known existed! Check out the Blob! It's another lord that pumps up all of your Oozes by +1/+1, including itself! If I control Aeve on my upkeep and this then I'll get a copy of the Blob, which is pretty keen for the team. All of the tokens! Have you seen the Oran-Rief option? Three mana for a 2/2 that can put a +1/+1 counter on a dork including itself, on arrival. When this bad boy gets its swing on, you'll put a +1/+1 counter on every attacking creature that has a counter already on it, like our initial Aeve. Pretty nice, right? Right!

Splitting Slime

Don't forget the Splitting Slime! It's a five mana 3/3 that has monstrous for six mana. You can monstrous it the next turn. Might I suggest doing it at the end of a foe's turn right before you untap? When you do? You'll make a copy of the Splitting Slime, and you'll also make a 6/6. Then you can monstrous your copy to make another copy and so forth, as long as you have the mana!

Gelatinous Genesis
Slime Molding
Miming Slime

Take a gander at this trio! I adore them here in a going wide Ooze deck. We have all three of the Ooze making sorceries in my brew. The Genesis is a fun way to really amp up your Ooze making game. Let's break down the math for you.

  • Two-Mana X - 1 1/1 Ooze
  • Four-Mana X - 2 2/2 Oozes
  • Six-Mana X - 3 3/3 Oozes
  • Eight-Mana X - 4 4/4 Oozes

As you can see it scales pretty nicely and it's a fun new addition to the deck! The Molding is just an Ivory Elemental-style card that makes an X/X Ooze. It's a solid mana sink. Don't sleep on the Miming card as well. It's just three mana, but if your Aeve is big from a large storm or Ooze count then it could easily be a 9/9 or 7/7 for three mana. And another Ooze!

All right let's leave behind Oozes!

Regal Force

I adore this card in a mono-Green that goes wide with creatures and/or tokens. In this deck we have... 40 creatures total and that doesn't count tokens from places like Aeve and [card]Splitting Slime" href="/p/Magic+The+Gathering/Splitting Slime" href="/p/Magic+The+Gathering/[card]Splitting Slime">[card]Splitting Slime">Splitting Slime" href="/p/Magic+The+Gathering/[card]Splitting Slime">[card]Splitting Slime and the sorceries we just looked at. Regal Force is a card drawing machine here. I'm also running pretty much every cantrip creature from Elvish Visionary to Bookwurm.

Gaea's Will

Have you seen this nasty card from Modern Horizons 2? I love it here! You need to get a big storm count, right? So why not cast one of the most powerful effects ever printed with this bad boy? This is one of my two recursion spells I alluded to earlier with the changeling comments. I had to run this here. You love Yawgmoth's Will, and you can suspend this as early as the first turn and then it'll go off for free and leave you untapped and ready to abuse it, and you can set yourself up for a powerful storm turn. You also won't care about the self-exiling as this is the only main recursion spell we have, so if you self-exile Miming Slime, you won't care. Good stuff!

Beast Whisperer
Soul of the Harvest

Since I am running 40 creatures I decided to add to my creature-based card draw options and both leapt in. The first is a cast trigger and you'll draw a card as you cast creatures. You'll draw even if the spell is countered! Pretty nice right? The second card will draw when anything that ain't a token arrives to the party of a creature-based nature. It's bigger and a nasty 6/6 trampler for six mana outclasses the 2/3 ability-less for four mana, but it's trigger is not as good as you cannot draw if your stuff is messed with. Both work wonders here!

Maskwood Nexus

I have a bunch of non-Oozes in my deck. Now it used to be the case that a mono-Green deck couldn't add in a creature-type playing card as those were in Black and Blue. But after Kaldheim? We have a colorless tool for decks like this! Now all of your stuff has changeling, so they are all Oozes, from Joraga Visionary to Beast Whisperer. You can also tap it to make a 2/2 Ooze for just three mana and that's a great way to keep up the pressure and the bodies for things like Aeve!

Sage of Ancient Lore

Don't forget one of my favorite Werewolves! There are not many non-Blue dorks that have a power and toughness equal to the cards in your hand. And given the large creature-based card draw this should be pretty real. It's also a cantrip as it'll draw a card on arrival so it's free. If nothing was cast, then it flips into a better vigilance and trample Werewolf of Ancient Hunger where it becomes a serious threat. I love this thing in card drawing heavy Simic brews and I've run it in Commander and Abe's Deck of Happiness and Joy. There are 1,009 registered over at EDHREC.com which feels a bit underappreciated, but at least it hit four digits!

Let's turn to some lands.

Yavimaya Hollow
Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth

Yavimaya is truly legendary! I love the first Yavimaya here as a way to help save Aeve and Frends from death. I also have the typical Heroic Intervention here as well to play into that theme. If it's combat damage, burn, fighting, or destruction then you can tap the Hollow and a Green mana and regenerate said dork to keep it alive! The new Yavimaya is the best Forest ever printed and this is the second week in a row where I've run it in my Commander deck, making it the most commonly used card from its set by me thus far. We don't have that many non-basic Forests, just eight others, but that's enough to run it here!

Cavern of Souls
Winding Canyons

Wow do I love the Cavern here! If you are casting an Ooze, then you can tap this to cast it. And you won't be countered by stuff either, so it gives your Oozes a more versatile and harder to interfere with option. Winding Canyons isn't on the EDHREC.com list, but I love it here. We have 40 dorks to flash out at the end of the turn. You can also use this to flash out a dork in response to an attack to smash someone attacking you, or just use it after they tapped out to sneak it past their counter shield.

All right now let's finish with some storm-inspired stuff.

Verdant Rebirth

Check out this instant which also helps to keep something around. It's a two-mana cantrip that replaces itself. When the targeted creature dies this turn it'll return to your hand. You can also just cast it on a storm turn for a low cost and a cantrip effect to replace itself. I don't have that many creatures with enters-the-battlefield abilities, and we are missing Green classics like Eternal Witness and Reclamation Sage in order to emphasize Oozes and cantrips and card drawing. But we have a lot of stuff you can save! If you want to save an Aeve's Commander Tax you can use it on your leader right before it dies to cast it from your hand.

Noxious Revival
Mutagenic Growth

Check out this free duo! Free spells are so nasty in any storm build. I wanted to run free cards like Memnite and Ornithopter but I ran out of space, and you can only do those once, but cantrips can keep up the pressure. I thought of these free cards when I saw Aeve. Only the Revival is on Aeve's EDHREC.com page and it's missing the Growth. The Revival is the only other recursion spell in the deck other than Gaea's Will. It's free and it reloads a key card from your graveyard to the top of your library. Note that you do not draw the card so it's card disadvantage, but it's free. I also love the Growth here. You can cast it when you are tapped out to save a creature in combat or burn damage. You can use it out of nowhere for a Commander Kill with your already big Aeve. And it's a free spell on your storm turn.

Let's finish with a pair of commons!

Lotus Petal

Awww... it's so cute! The Petal is such a great common that really does a lot here. It's a free card on a storm turn, just like the Mana Crypt I tossed in. It also has the ability to sacrifice for a mana so you net a mana. It's awesome sauce (or sau-some)!

Let's look at one more card and we'll call it!


Four. That's how many cards from Modern Horizons 2 I am running. Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth; Aeve, Progenitor Ooze; Gaea's Will and this storming common. Two of these cards are on my Top Ten Cards from Modern Horizons 2.

The token-making Squirrel Storm is awesome and we had to run it here. Sure, it just makes Squirrels; but, in a brew designed to get a fat storm for Aeve, we'll also want to run this as well! It's just a two-mana spell and it could easily make 4-6 Squirrels which you can turn into Oozes for Aeve and others with Maskwood Nexus. I love it here!

All right let's stop the deep diving and come up for air with an actual, proper decklist.

Here you go!

And there you go! So, what did you think about my build? How would you build your Aeve? Just let me know in the comments below!

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