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Building Blim, Comedic Genius in Commander


Hello folks! I hope you are having a grand day and keeping yourself safe in our modern COVID-19 world!

For the last few weeks, I have taken a new legendary dork from Commander Legends and built around them. You can find my Yurlok of Scorch Thrash deck here, and them last week I wrote a cool Mardu themed enchantment deck around Ghen, Arcanum Weaver. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Have you been following along with the recently released Commander Legends? I have been! And today I wanna build a Commander deck around a certain legendary Rakdos Imp. One that wants to cause a big ol' fuss! Which one?

Blim, Comedic Genius

What can we do with Blim, Comedic Genius? He wants to give goodies to your foes and then force them discard cards and lose life equal to the gifts you've given. He's ideal for the Holiday Season coming up! Note that when he smashes face, he can give away a cool gift. But he must connect in combat with a foe to do so.

That means we'll need these cards in the deck.

  • Unblockable - We need ways to ensure that Blim can connect. We'll want to run cards like Rogue's Passage and Whispersilk Cloak.
  • Giving Away Adjuncts - We don't want Blim to be the only method to give away gifts. Red has several ways to dig into this and I'll wanna follow, such as Bazaar Trader.
  • Gifts - My deck must also run many gifts to give away! These could be cards that hurt the controller or just something with an enters-the-battlefield trigger that already did its thing, like Ghitu Slinger before you have to pay upkeep.
  • Protection - Since we'll be giving up dorks to our foes in addition to the ones they already run, we'll need ways to stay alive, like Maze of Ith.

And then after those key four things we'll dive into support like tutors, card drawing, and removal.

Building Around Blim in EDH

This deck won't want to use mass removal spells as you need those permanents out for maximum Blimming, which is a verb now I guess. Say no to Damnation and friends!

Echo really works well in this deck. You can get the value for the enters-the-battlefield trigger before combat, and then swing with Blim. Once you punch them, give them the dork you just dropped, and now they have one more discard and life loss. And on their upkeep? They have to pay to keep it around, and they likely won't. Why spend three mana for a 1/1 flyer like Bone Shredder? Even if they did want it around, they may not have access to that color of mana either! You can get some good value from creatures like Avalanche Riders.

Xantcha, Sleeper Agent
Sleeper Agent

I don't just want to give creatures away with Blim or something like Bazaar Trader or Harmless Offering. I also pushed into self-giving gifts as well, and I started with these two bad boys. I did a search on Gatherer for "opponent gains control" to see all of the cards that I may have forgotten about after I knew I wanted to toss in these two. The first is better and won't be able to attack you or your planeswalkers. And you can activate her for cards. Her original card was Urza's Saga Sleeper Agent and it went in as well as long as two damage a turn to said player.

Another card that leapt to my mind was Rainbow Vale, a classic multiplayer card. It comes into play untapped and you can tap it for any color of mana! The problem? You have to give it away when you do. This card used to be heavily played and loved in the game of multiplayer. You'd tap it when it arrives and give it away, preferably to some1 mana-hosed. They use it and pass it on, and it helped out everyone. But the modern Commander player doesn't play it like that anymore, as a mana gift to the table. You give it away and then they never tap it no matter what, unless they are going off that turn for the win. I wish we were still in that friendly, giving, place as a format but we aren't anymore. Sad.

But it does fit here as a gift that can self-give for a bigger trigger, and then they'll send it elsewhere, which is what I've wanted all along!

Rogue Skycaptain
Witch Engine

These two self-giving bad boys I forgot about and was reminded of in the Gatherer search. I also found Chaos Lord and pulled it from my initial list as counting odd or even in multilayer can be overly taxing. In the early era of the game, giving something away was a key penalty that both have. Tap Witch Engine for a lot of mana and then give it away to a friend, and they can tap for mana and send it elsewhere. Tap it before you swing to net another discard and life loss, and again, they'll likely tap and send it elsewhere as a four-mana Engine of doom. Rogue Skycaptain is on curve as a 3/4 flyer that can swing and block cheaply. Drop it and then, during your upkeep, don't pay it and give it to the person that Blim wants to attack to give them another card for the trigger. They may pass it on as well and you can move it on down the line!

Who wants to draw cards? Commander players do! Drop Demonic Lore on your first main phase and draw those cards. Swing and give it away with Blim, and then it won't trigger on your end step but theirs! I like adding in cards from the same set as a new leader, and Commander Legends certainly has a lot of options! I really wanted to add in Liliana's Contract, but I ran out of space and if you liked this then that may also be your thing since your foe is unlikely to have enough Demons to win the game.

Plague Reaver

Speaking of cards from the same set, have you seen Plague Reaver? It's a nasty 6/5 for 3 mana, but you have to sacrifice the rest of your team at the end of your step. You may not care if you don't control any critters since you gave them away or you are top decking after mass removal. But otherwise? Blim wants to let others feel the fun of Plague Reaver! No Blim? No problem! You can discard two cards and sent it over to your buddy on their upkeep so it won't be able to swing barring the addition of haste and cannot be used in a suicidal charge to prevent its trigger. It's quite well designed. They'll have to discard cards to get out of its way, but what if they don't have the juice after Blim stole their cards? That's so sad it hits me right here!

My favorite dork to give away might just be Master of the Feast! Give it away and your foe gets a great 5/5 flyer! And you will draw those sweet, sweet cards along with the other foes of the person who now has a cute 5/5. They'll try to suicidally swing with it or send removal its way, which is an awesome way to get that person to chase their tail while you develop your board and draw cards. And shoot, mutual foes of the person with the Master of the Feast may help you keep it alive with things like Counterspell that targets it for removal.

Did you know that the first Propaganda or Ghostly Prison effect wasn't in Blue or White, but was actually Black in Koskun Falls? Yup, it's true! Awesome, right? You can drop this and then your foes have to tap that mana to send over their stuff, and it helps to protect the team! Another way to help is Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, who also needs a tax to be swung at, or else you'll get those 3/3 Ogres, which is a pretty good deal for you if they don't as you get more fodder to Blim over. There are not many of these effects in Rakdos, but we can run the ones we can. I also have colorless stuff like lands and artifacts that play into this space.

Caverns of Despair

Another two-some I am running is this defensively minded two-fer. The first locks everyone into no more than two attackers or blockers per attack including you. You won't mind, you only need to swing with Blim and you are giving away most of your creatures anyway so you're unlikely to have the volume that would be hurt by Caverns of Despair. You can also Blim the Cavern over as they won't be any better or worse in a pinch. Another way to help the cause is Crawlspace that prevents more than two coming your way. Note that Koskun Falls and Caverns of Despair are both World Enchantments and cannot be on the battlefield at the same time.

Howling Mine

I like having cards in the deck you can give away that won't change anything like Spiteful Visions or Howling Mine. Everyone draws a card no matter who controls it, so you might as well give them away!

I adore Starke of Rath! He's in my Commander decks already, and I have long extolled his virtue. He can tap to destroy any dork or artifact and is a good brake on bad things happening. However, if you have killed something with him, that player gains control of Starke of Rath. And then they can do the same and send it over after killing something. No one will target Starke for death because they suspect they'll get him! And you can tap it and kill a flying blocker for Blim, give it to that person and then swing with your Commander and now they are discarding two cards not one. Nice!

Avarice Totem

It's no Phyrexian Infiltrator, but it's in my colors so I am running Avarice Totem. You can use it to steal anything a foe has - a key planeswalker, dork, artifact or enchantment! It's awesome! However, they can steal it back for 5 mana, so you may not have it for long. You could swing with hasted dork, tap an artifact, or activate a planeswalker, all of which has value. And you get another Blim discard and life loss until they do! However, if you have 10 mana, you can activate this twice in response in response to the first one and get the Totem back unless they have 5 mana to activate it in between activations. Here is the ruling:

"For example, if you control this card and another permanent, you can use this card's ability and target the permanent you control. You can then use this card's ability again and target a permanent your opponent controls. The second usage resolves first and you get your opponent's permanent in exchange for this one. The first usage then resolves and swaps your other permanent for the Totem so you get it back. The net effect is that you can swap any non-land permanent you have for any of theirs if you can activate this ability twice. Note that your opponent does get the chance to use the Totem in between the resolutions of your two usages if they have the mana."

Another great use of this is to steal an attacker during combat. If someone swings at you, swap this and their attacker. It's removed from combat. Even if they immediately use it in combat it's no longer attacking you. It adds to your defensive tools as well as Blim's.

As you can see, Avarice Totem is pretty cool in this build!

Want to know what my final nonland was in this build? It's Akroan Horse! It self-Donates on arrive, so it's a free giveaway. It's on the ground and won't block Blim. And it gives away pretty Soldiers to their foes including you! It's yet another fun card for our travels!

Want to see my full decklist? Sure thing!

Blim's Comedic Genius EDH | Commander | Abe Sargent

And there we go!

What did you think of my deck? Anything in here inspire your own building or anything that I missed? Just let me know!

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