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Commanding Ghen, Arcanum Weaver


Hello folks! I hope that you are having a fun and safe day today in our modern COVID-19 world! Last week I wrote a Commander deck around one of the new Commanders from Commander Legends. That sentence felt like a smurf sentence as the word Commander is in it too many times. Let's replace Commander with "smurf" - "Last week I wrote a Smurf deck around one of the new Smurfs from Smurf Legends." That sounds fun. Anyway, I built a deck around Yurlok of Scorch Thrash and you can check it out here!

Today I was inspired by another new three-color leader, this one in Mardu colors not Jund ones.

Ghen, Arcanum Weaver

Hello Goblin Welder for Enchantments! Golden Welder is a 1-drop that can tap to sacrifice an artifact and recur an artifact; it's really strong. It was played in Standard, Extended, Legacy, and Vintage, and it made its mark in casual places too. It's also a mana-free activation and a cheap drop. When I first saw Ghen on the spoiler I saw that it was basically Goblin Welder but for enchantments. It opens up two more colors than the Welder proper. But do note that Ghen has an activation cost of three colored mana. I suspect that it was done put a brake on the ability to keep things from breaking the format.

Now, I do wish that this was Green! I'd love to add in classics of the format like Sylvan Library or mana fetchers like Font of Fertility. I also wish that we could have been in Blue with the classics like Propaganda and Rhystic Study along with enchantments that will net you cards, like Flight of Fancy which is the Mulldrifter of auras. This feels best in Bant in color to me.

In reality though it should be Naya. Green and White is the color combination of enchantment loving and Red is the color of sacrificing something for something else like Goblin Welder and Trash for Treasure. That would have gotten two colors that you could dig into as well as multicolored cards like Calix, Destiny's Hand. However, Mardu does give us White so we can dig into half of the enchantment loving of Naya.

We'll make it work!

So where do I go now?

  1. Enchantment Creatures - I like the ability to toss in a few enchantment creatures here and there where appropriate in my colors. A Welder deck would do so for artifact dorks and push them (although that's easier with a deeper card pool) so we should follow suit. There are only 77 enchantment creatures in our colors, so I won't run bad cards just to make this work.
  2. Commander Classics - We have a number of enchantments that we can run that are classics in the colors like Phyrexian Arena and Ghostly Prison that we can dip into.
  3. Enters-the-Battlefield - We should lean into enchantments with enters-the-battlefield abilities where possible, such as Galvanic Arc. This will enable us to see value from an enchantment when we drop it, and then yield fodder for Ghen's activation.
  4. Reanimation Targets - I am looking for a few expensive enchantments I can bring back like Eldrazi Conscription.
  5. Utilities - There are a number of utilities that we can run like removal that will have added value. These include Seal of Doom and Seal of Cleansing.

Gravebreaker Lamia

Let's look at a perfect card to start things off - Gravebreaker Lamia. It's an enchantment dork so it checks that box. It fetches your library for any card and slams it into your graveyard, not just a creature. You can set up Ghen for a nice spot of recursion and you can be sacrificed to Ghen after it arrives for what it fetched with is massively well suited for Ghen.

Aegis of the Gods
Athreos, God of Passage

We have some cheaper enchantment creatures in here as well, such as Aegis of the Gods and Athreos, God of Passage. I want to increase our use of creatures across the various card types. Aegis of the Gods provides a great break on targeted foul cards or effects that would otherwise come our way. Athreos can reload a dying creature or dole out some pain, dealer's choice. Both of these have value in this shell.

Doomwake Giant
Forgeborn Oreads

I love these two bad boys and their constellation triggers. The first can take out a lot of smaller stuff and when layered together can clean house. The latter can add a damage here or there, finish off a wounded dork after combat, add another damage to an Omen of the Forge to increase its kill range, and loads more. They also are great together! Note that dropping an enchantment and using Ghen can net you two triggers in one turn without working for it or saving up cards for a big turn.

Iroas, God of Victory
Mogis, God of Slaughter

Hello God Twins! I hope your day is going well! I love the triggered abilities of each of these even if they cannot get involved in combat. Iroas, God of Victory is awesome with the swinging evasive ability plus the preventing of damage from said swing. Nice! Iroas lets you swing when the math would let some of your dorks die, which is likely in this build. Mogis, God of Slaughter is my favorite though! Forcing forces to lose life or dorks (normally they'll choose life) is a nasty tax each of their upkeeps and I like the ability to pressure life totals or battlefields.

Mindwrack Harpy
Oread of Mountain's Blaze

These are my last enchantment dorks we'll look at. Don't sleep on Mindwrack Harpy. On arrival it will mill some cards, including a self-mill that'll load up your graveyard with the goods. I have some graveyard removal effects in here like Bojuka Bog and constellation star Agent of Erebos, so you won't have to worry about giving your foes' fuel unless you want to for a certain broken seven mana enchantment we'll look at later... Just you! Also don't sleep on Oread of Mountain's Blaze as a useful way to dump enchantments into the graveyard and draw a card at the same time. You can also send cards you don't need like extra lands for cards as well. The Oread is very synergetic with this build as it serves as the Compulsion of this build.

Final Parting

I am only running five instants and sorceries. They include two tutors, three cards that fill graveyards from your library with goods, and Replenish, which has to be here obviously. My favorite is Final Parting as it serves as a Demonic Tutor effect as well as a way to get a card into the graveyard from the library for recursion with Ghen. Enjoy it!

Hall of Heliod's Generosity

Luckily for this deck we are in the correct color for the Volrath's Stronghold or Academy Ruins of enchantments! This land was the 7th card I added into my deck after I selected to build around Ghen! It has a lot in common with the recursive nature of Ghen. Did you sacrifice Seal of Cleansing? Great! Bring it back for another Disenchant effect. Did you have your Underworld Connections destroyed? Great! Bring it back for more card drawing flow. It's very synergetic with a deck that seeks to reconfigure enchantments. I am also running Volrath's Stronghold as well because we have enough dorks to get value from it.

Starfield of Nyx

Have you seen Starfield of Nyx? Take a look under the hood! It'll return graveyard based enchantments to the battlefield, thus giving you a supplementary way to recur them in addition to Ghen. You can stock your graveyard off an Entomb or Buried Alive and then begin to bring these key choices to the battlefield on your upkeep and get extra recursive value. You'll likely trigger it's five enchantment rule and thus you can swing with foes with your enchantments out of nowhere and win the game.

Skull of Orm
Helm of the Gods

Just like my instant and sorcery count is low, so too are my artifacts. I am only running five non-creature artifacts. One of those five is Skull of Orm. You can tap some mana and your Skull to recur an enchantment from your graveyard to your hand. This will let you recast it later as you have the mana. It's a great way to use untapped mana at the end of a foe's turn before you untap and also can be used to net more triggers of constellations. Don't skip past Helm of the Gods which will be a nasty powerful bit of equipment in a deck this dense with enchantments. It's the only piece of equipment in the build.

Infernal Tribute

This deck feels like it is missing something. What? Hmm... How about a backup sacrifice engine that will sacrifice things over than mere dorks? Enter Infernal Tribute which will turn any permanent that's not a token into a card for two mana. It's awesome here! It gives you another way to sacrifice enchantments in addition to Ghen. You can sacrifice everything at the end of a turn and then cast Replenish and net a ton of cards. You can sacrifice cards targeted for removal. You can get more cards to bring back with Ghen's ability looping a key enters-the-battlefield trigger from something like Omen of the Sun. It's nasty here!

Liliana's Contract

Want to draw cards from places other than Infernal Tribute? Sure thing, we all do! I love Liliana's Contract as a way to flow those cards. It's also great to sacrifice or recur for more and more cards. It's pretty solid here when combined with the other cards.

What expensive enchantments am I able to grab in my colors?

Debtors' Knell

Don't sleep on Debtors' Knell! It's a strong, useful, powerful, and expensive card that can change the game over time. You steal dead cards from other graveyards (or your own if you prefer) and then reanimate them for your cause each and every one of your upkeeps. The powerful value of this over time wins games. It's also a great answer to mass removal.

Exclusion Ritual

I also added in some removal-based options into the build like Enslave and Exclusion Ritual. The Ritual can exile any permanent as long as it's not a land on arrival. Unlike similar enchantment-based removal effects this one won't end when the enchantments leave play! You can recur it over and over again and exile a lot of fun stuff! I also like Enslave here as not many expect a Control Magic effect in Mardu. You can steal the best dork on arrival, and when Enslave or the creature it was on dies, you can bring it back for another round of stealing.

I leaned into answers in my enchantments and you'll see cards like these or Faith's Fetters here as well.

And that's it! Would you like to see my deck?


Commanding Ghen | Commander | Abe Sargent

And there you are!

What about Scrapheap? Or Leyline of the Void or Leyline of Sanctity? Necropotence? Blood Moon? Darksteel Mutation? There are loads of other places you could dig and I hope you'll enjoy this deck!

What did you think of my build? Anything I missed or that you liked and want to try out yourself? Just let me know and have an awesome day!

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