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Pro Tour Gatecrash Photo Diary


Crowning a Champion, Sunday, 5:00 PM

Congratulations to Tom Martell, our Pro Tour Gatecrash champion! He navigated his way through a series of very close, complex match ups against Melissa DeTora, Eric Froehlich, and Jeol Larsson with his Aristocrats deck to take down the tournament. What does it look like when a Pro Tour champion is crowned? Let's find out:

Halftime, Sunday, 1:37 PM

After a series of incredibly tight games, the Pro Tour Gatecrash quarterfinals are finished. Congratulations to Joel Larsson, Eric Froehlich, Tom Martell, and Ben Stark, for winning their quarterfinals matches and advancing to the semifinals. Those matches will begin shortly.



During the lunch break, an official announcement was made about From the Vault: Twenty, a product celebrating twenty years of Magic. The action will start up soon over on the official coverage, and the action is only ramping up from here. Check back here for more updates throughout the afternoon.

The Back Stretch, Saturday, 5:27 PM

The last elimination rounds are always very tense, with everyone trying to eke out the last match win they need to lock up their Top 8 berth. After the dust settled on Day Two of the competition, it looks like Sunday is going to bring a Top 8 to remember. Congratulations to the Top 8 of Pro Tour Gatecrash:

  • Ben Stark
  • Owen Turtenwald
  • Melissa DeTora
  • Joel Larsson
  • Gerry Thompson
  • Tom Martell
  • Eric Froehlich
  • Steven Mann

This Top 8 is especially exciting because of some of the stories behind the Top 8 competitors. Melissa DeTora is the first woman to Top 8 a Pro Tour. Until very recently, Gerry Thompson was one of the players with the most Lifetime Pro Points with no Pro Tour Top 8s. Lastly Ben Stark, widely considered the best Limited player in the world, has made a strong case for his Hall of Fame ballot with another Top 8 appearance.








There are 16 rounds in the books, but the night is young and there's still plenty of Magic left to be played on Sunday. The Livestream starts up at 11:00 AM tomorrow morning. Be sure to tune in to see how the cards play out. Keep an eye out for more updates throughout Sunday on Twitter and Facebook.

Back for More, Saturday, 1:21 PM

The last draft of the weekend is in the books, and we're heading into the last five rounds of Standard to determine who will play on Sunday. There are a handful of players pacing the field at  10-1: Melissa DeTora, Ben Stark, and Gerry Thompson. As we heads towards the middle of Day Two, there are going to be all kinds of exciting games and stories, and there are still all the awesome people who are on site. Let's take a look at some of the action:












Things are only getting more exciting from here on out. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook page for more updates throughout the rest of the day. The Standard portion will start up at about 2:10 PM EST. If you can, be sure to tune in to the live coverage of the race to Top 8.

At the Head of the Pack, Friday, 8:40

Competition wrapped up for Day One with just one player at undefeated at the top of the standings. Melissa DeTora has fought her way to 8-0 with a Bant Control deck splashing for late game cards like Kessig Wolf Run and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight to close out control mirrors. The afternoon was packed with Standard action, and there will be plenty more tomorrow. Official coverage will pick up again bright and early tomorrow, and Adam will be back on the scene bringing you some of the stories on the floor and from the night before. In the meantime, check out some of his pictures from the afternoon's competition:








For more details about the goings on at Pro Tour Gatecrash, check out some of the deck techs and feature matches on the official coverage. Be sure to check back on Twitter or Facebook throughout the day tomorrow for more updates from the Pro Tour.

Let's Get Down to Business, Friday, 4:17 PM

We've finished the three rounds of draft for Day One, and headed on in to the Standard portion of the day. The second round of Standard is just wrapping up, and we've already seen a couple of awesome decks. Sam Black is running an aristocrat tribal deck featuring both Falkenrath Aristocat and Cartel Aristocrat. Martin Juza went with a UWR midrange deck featuring Boros Reckoner and Harvest Pyre to one-shot people in the late game. There can only be more sweet decks as the day goes on, so head over to the official coverageto catch them live if you can! In the meantime, we've got more pictures from the floor of the Pro Tour. What has Adam been up to since the morning?










Livestream coverage is going strong as we head into Round 6 of the Pro Tour, so head over there if you can. Check for more updates from Adam throughout the day on Twitter or Facebook.

Getting Things Started, Friday, 12:00 PM

The Players have congregated, the packs have been cracked, and Pro Tour Gatecrashis well under way. Adam will be on site all weekend capturing some of the awesome people, stories, and tastes at the Pro Tour. What do things look like on the morning of the Pro Tour? Let's take a look:

Adam will be tweeting more awesome pictures throughout the day and they will be posted here every few hours. If you've got questions about the Pro Tour tweet at us @GatheringMagic and you may just get a photo reply later in the day. If you can, be sure to check out the official livestream of Pro Tour Gatecrash to catch some of the action live.

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