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Guild Wallpapers Now Available


If you're unfamiliar with James Arnold's work here on on Gathering Magic, he's the graphic designer that produced several pieces of art, design, and infographics (including an upcoming one for Dragon's Maze).

A few weeks ago, when he published his Ravnica Travel Posters, I realized the one for the best (and my favorite) guild, Boros, would make an excellent wallpaper for my phone.

James didn't miss a beat, and decided to produce phone-sized versions of all of his posters. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 (or something a little older), we'll have one that reasonably fits. You can jump to your favorite guild below:

Azorius (wu)

Boros (wr)

Dimir (ub)

Golgari (bg)

Gruul (rg)

Izzet (ur)

Orzhov (wb)

Rakdos (br)

Selesnya (wg)

Simic (ug)

Be sure to let James know what you think of these wallpapers, and check back for more wallpapers soon on our handy Media link in the header!

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