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Veyran's Spectacular Spellcasting


Experience the joy of improvising your own performance of fireworks, while dazzling with a scintillating mastery of technique. Veyran, Voice of Duality is a Prismari mentor who values both disciplines of her college. With Veyran as our Commander, we will graduate at the top of our class, or at least the top of our playgroup's table.

Veyran, Voice of Duality

There are two important details to note with Veyran, Voice of Duality; first, she doubles the triggers of all permanents, not merely creatures. We will be diversifying our non-land cards between living pupils, artifacts, and enchantments. A variety of types will hedge against board wipes. We don't want a single Wrath of God to cause us to fail in all our classes. If Veyran lives, we are already far ahead because the second thing to note is she doubles her own trigger. Dealing twenty-one commander damage in a single swing is achievable. She's a one-woman win condition with storm.

Veyran's Storm | Commander | AE Marling

Storming Off

Many of the usual storm suspects are good here, such as Past in Flames, Seething Song, and Frantic Search. However, we get additional benefit from cards with the storm mechanic. Casting five spells and Grapeshot as the sixth will give Veyran, Voice of Duality twenty-two triggers, allowing you to attack for commander lethal.

Since we get such an impressive advantage off the storm mechanic itself, we're playing as many cards with it as we can. Target yourself with Brain Freeze, hopefully setting up a Mizzix's Mastery. Target an opponent with Ignite Memories and watch them sweat with a group full of expensive cards. We have the classic storm end point of Mind's Desire, along with the more aggressive Haze of Rage and Ground Rift. These may seem like odd choices for most commander decks, but giving Veyran +10/+10 until end of turn for a few mana is well worthwhile.

Haze of Rage
Ground Rift

In addition to Ground Rift clearing the way for a lethal attack, we have evasion with Shadow Rift and Crash Through. We're playing more one-mana spells than a traditional commander deck to enable storm count. Mana rocks such as Arcane Signet also give us plus one storm for one mana. Mox Amber does it for zero, and if you wish to add more moxen to the deck you certainly could do so. Now let's talk about the myriad permanents that benefit from Veyran.


The main difference between my Veyran list and others you might see is that I minimize the number of creatures that can die alongside their mentor. Untapping with our commander alone is a favorable enough position. I'm not interested in deploying Young Pyromancer or Talrand, Sky Summoner only to see them and all the tokens they made destroyed by a single Damnation. While it may be cute to amass a sky-full of drakes, we don't need them to win the game. I wanted to reserve our few creature slots for star pupils.

Krark, the Thumbless

Krark, the Thumbless will allow you to cast the same spells over and over, giving you a huge number of magecraft triggers with your commander. If you win one flip and lose the other, the spell will return to your hand, but it will still be copied once, giving you a free spell and your commander +4/+4.

Other creatures with magecraft get the most benefit out of our storm triggers. Archmage Emeritus is great, as is Storm-Kiln Artist. I love doubling triggers that give us more mana, such as Birgi, God of Storytelling and Runaway Steam-Kin. Of note, with two triggers on the stack for the elemental, you can let one resolve, add the third counter, then remove them all to get the mana before resolving the second trigger.

As common as the card is in Commander, Aetherflux Reservoir is great in our deck. A similar and more reasonable card is Sentinel Tower, which will do six damage (2x1 + 2x2) with Veyran in play after casting only two spells. That's enough to kill an opposing commander every turn cycle and could do serious work in a perfect storm.

That reminds me of Thousand-Year Storm. You'll win the game with this even without your commander, though Veyran will get you there twice as fast. As an enchantment that fits earlier on your curve, Medomai's Prophecy into Veyran will draw you four cards on turn four. You may have noted the absence of the 7-drop bomb Swarm Intelligence; yes, it also has high upside with Veyran. I cut it (even though I named the card) because of its high cost and because people respect its power. They may well remove it or Veyran before you untap. Your opponents may be less fearful of The Mirari Conjecture, which will still win you the game. According to the judge I asked, Veyran works with its third chapter, so you will get triple spells. That's more than enough to ace your final exams.


Typically, I would play Red Elemental Blast in any deck I could. I consider it the Lightning Bolt of Commander. However, I'm including less reactive spells in general in a deck that aspires to storm off with Mind's Desire. That said, Pyroblast can target anything; it won't destroy it if it's not a Blue permanent but it'll still add to your storm count. Flusterstorm is a storm spell itself, and you can use it to escalate to a quick expulsion of an unsuspecting opponent with Veyran. If you stick it on Isochron Scepter you can have a magecraft party every turn.

As long as your commander stays alive, you're highly favored. Be aware you can cast any instant to increase her toughness to dodge a sweeper like Anger of the Gods. Against Wrath of God, I added Fierce Guardianship. An opponent may well save Swords to Plowshares against a lethal attack; for that you have Deflecting Swat. Stubborn Denial will always ferocious. Reality Ripple can save your legendary efreet from a Wrath of God while allowing the spell to kill everything else on the battlefield. Giving an opponent's permanent phasing could also stop them from winning. Rather than playing more reactive spells, we have Reverberate, which can foil an opposing Counterspell while giving you plus two to your storm count. Lastly, we have Remand which you can also cast on your own storm spell, such as Ground Rift, to return it to your hand and then play it again for a second round of storm triggers to make Veyran, Voice of Duality go full typhoon.

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