Theros Beyond Death Limited Set Review Featuring MTGNerdGirl
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Update to Magic Online Leagues


Today Lee Sharpe announced a change to the prize payout for Magic Online Constructed Leagues. Starting next week with the Modern Masters 2017 Edition release, Competitive Constructed Leagues and Vintage Daily Events will no longer award booster packs as prizes. Instead they will award Treasure Chests.

From Lee Sharpe:

Since I've been in my role with Magic Online, we have improved Constructed prizes on Magic Online with the introduction of Play Points and again later with the addition of Magic Online Treasure Chests. Much of this is because Constructed prizes in the form of boosters ties them to the Limited format, and this has shown to have negative effects on the Magic Online economy. This has especially been true when formats like Modern Masters are available. Constructed players would have trouble trading the main set boosters they won because many Limited players were more interested in the alternative offerings.

Based on these trends, we are removing boosters from Constructed events starting March 22 and adding more treasure chests to prizes instead. Friendly Constructed Leagues and two-player queues already don't award boosters and won't be changing.

Additionally cards with the Monarch Mechanic, including Palace Jailer, will not be available via Treasure Chests.

What do you think of these changes? Will they be a boon to the Magic Online economy? How do you feel now that you can play Death and Taxes with Palace Jailer on Online Legacy?

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