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Magic Digital Next Updates


Update - August 3, 2017: It appears as if the new product has a name. Announced on today via the Magic Twitter account.

GatheringMagic will provide more information as it becomes available.

In a brief article posted today, Jeffrey Steefel provided a few brief updates regarding Magic Digital Next - the division overseeing Magic's digital endeavors.

Steefel announced that a new game would be demoed at HASCON in September. He did not provide details as to the nature of this game other than to say demos would be available to play at the convention in September.

The article also mentioned the upcoming MMO but provided no further details above what has previous been released.

Steefel also announced that Magic Duels would be receiving no further updates after Amonkhet. The game will still be available for download but there will be no new content. Instead Steefel encourages everyone to make sure their Wizards Account is up to date.

The release feels brief without providing many details. The big reveals are likely being saved for HASCON so it is doubtful there will be any major updates before September. The increased emphasis on the Wizards Account seems to indicate a more unified experience across platforms. As with many other things we wil lahve to wait for HASCON to find out.

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