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Hugony and Cuneo Close out the Hours


This weekend marked the final appearance of Hour of Devastation and Amonkhet Limited on the Grand Prix circuit in both Metz and Indianapolis. The Draft format, former lightning fast in triple Amonkhet, has slowed its pace noticeably with two packs of Hour of Devastation. This has, in turn, made the format a place for exploration rather than just a race.

The final table at each even featured known names, with the Hall of Fame elect Martin J?za notching another Grand Prix Top 8. J?za fell to Francesco Fritto Hugony in three games, surely earning his "I Beat a Hall of Famer" pin. Across the Atlantic it was Kyle Boggemes squaring off against long time pro Andrew Cuneo. Cuneo's bomb-laden Blue-White deck took down Boggemes in two quick games.

Congratulations to both Francesco Fritto Hugony and Andrew Cuneo!

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