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Brandon Burton wins Grand Prix Indianapolis


The final Modern Grand Prix of the weekend has ended. Grixis Delver won the day in Guangzhou while Infect took the title in Lille. The last trophy was given out in Indianapolis at a Grand Prix that featured nearly 2,000 competitors.

The Top 8 of Indianapolis lived up to the diversity on display all weekend with six different archetypes making it to the final rounds. Across all three Grand Prix there were 13 different archetypes in play. The finals in Indy pitted Brandon Burton (also known as SandyDog -his Magic Online handle) piloting Naya Burn against Rob Pisano and his Through the Breach deck. The finals were a lightning fast affair as Burton applied pressure early and often. After winning game one Brandon was on the draw and appeared to be on the defensive. Three Lightning Bolts later and it was all over.

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