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Márcio Carvalho Wins Grand Prix London


He made it to the World Championship as the Draft Master and on the first weekend of Kaladesh premier play he demonstrated that the title was apt. Márcio Carvalho, fresh off a second place finish at the 2016 World Championships, has won Grand Prix London.

2,558 players arrived in London to test their mettle with Kaladesh Limited. The format has generated quite a bit of discussion for being one where players can act along traditional lines of Magic or they can "go deep" with peculiar build-around cards. Carvalho fought his way to Day 2 with a white-black deck he described as "weak". The grind was real as he repeated that color pair for two perfect drafts with his second build featuring two copies of Restoration Gearsmith.

The Top 8 saw Carvalho switch gears and get aggressive. Taking a green-red Energy deck to the single elimination rounds, the Draft Master took out Federico Del Basso and Pip Griffiths in three games a piece before rolling over Gabor Kocis in two games.

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