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Fumiya Matsumoto wins Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur


The Top 8 of Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur was the tale of two decks. Blue-White Flash, a deck that only placed only one finisher in the Top 8 of Pro Tour Kaladesh, was considered by many to be on of the best decks coming out of that weekend since it was the only archetype to achieve 9 wins in Standard. Pro Tour Top 8 competitors Yuuki Ichikawa and Yuta Takahashi were both playing the archetype, as well as eventual finalist Mark Lawrence Tubola. In fact, White-Blue Flash accounted for 75% of the Top 8.

The other deck also finished in the Top 8 last weekend: Mardu Vehicles. Played by Lee Shi Tian in Honolulu, this time it was Teruya Kakumae and eventual champion Fumiya Matsumoto behind the wheel. Every single deck in the Top 8 ran white which lead to this tweet from coverage reporter Chapman Sim:

With Grand Prix Providence finishing later today it will be interesting to see if this trend continues. But for now, we can all celebrate with Fumiya Matsumoto.

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