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Alex Bianchi Restores Twin to Victory at Grand Prix Pittsburgh


Grand Prix Pittsburgh was the final Grand Prix event before a break for the World Magic Cup and closing out the season was Modern. Modern has a reputation for being incredibly diverse but the finals of the event featured some familiar archetypes.

Aaron Webster took Affinity to the ultimate match and squared off against Alex Bianchi and Jeskai Twin. These are two established decks and ones that anyone looking at Modern would need to know. Webster took game one in lightning fashion, his machine menace holding Bianchi's combo at bay. Game two was a longer affair with Bianchi landing an early Stony Silence which through a wrench into Webster's works and it was too much for the Affinity deck to overcome. Game three had Aaron with a board full of lands, but three of them were Inkmoth Nexus. Alex was slowly getting poisoned but had Deceiver Exarch on the board. It was only a matter of time until Splinter Twin made an appearance and secured the title for Alex Bianchi.

Congratulations to Alex Bianchi, your Grand Prix Pittsburgh champion! Check out the full coverage of Grand Prix Pittsburgh here.

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