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Battle of One: Five-Color Atraxa Control


Today we are looking at a five-color Atraxa control deck! While the list is five colors technically, the core is Bant based with a lot of plains to turn on Lay Down Arms in the Sideboard and we turn on Leyline Binding by splashing the other two colors as well as gaining Atraxa! I got this list from John Sahagun! It plays similarly to five-color domain decks but we have a lot of untapped lands in basics and Herd Migration to find them if we need them. And because we are Bant based, we can afford more basics and to also run Ossification! This deck works well and I'm currently loving it. I added a couple The Kami War // O-Kagachi Made Manifest in the Sideboard because they play well with Leyline Binding and we can also blink it when it transforms with The Eternal Wanderer. Deck is sweet and really good, definitely give it a go if you have the cards, enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading,


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