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Standard Temur Elementals


Welcome back everyone, todays best of three videos will be Temur Elementals. It's not your traditional list though, we are also playing Flood of Tears and Omniscience for a combo finish in case the game goes long or you just turbo ramp with your Risen Reefs. If you like elementals or just want to play another Flood of Tears deck, you should check this one out!

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:01:54

Match 2 - 00:22:05

Match 3 - 01:13:12

Match 4 - 01:27:53

Match 5 - 02:00:25

Match 6 - 02:15:08

Again, you're essentially a Temur Elementals deck with a combo finish. The combo being Omniscience in play, Flood of Tears in hand or in your graveyard, and having a Tamiyo, Collector of Tales. This will allow you to cast Flood of Tears putting Omniscience into play, then playing Tamiyo and regrowing Flood of Tears, then play whatever else you have in your hand and rinse and repeat.

You'll have infinite draw with Risen Reefs and Infinite Damage with Omnath, Locus of the Roil. When you bring in Chandra, Awakened Inferno you are also able to make infinite Chandra emblems. We do all this a couple of times in the video if you are confused about how it works or want to see it in action!

That's it for today, hope you have a wonderful week and if you play any of these decks and you enjoy them, tweet at me! I love hearing about people enjoying my decks at FNM or wherever you may take them!

As always thanks for reading,

Ali Aintrazi

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