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Jund Dinosaurs with Ali Aintrazi


Today I decided to play a brew around the card that just recently got unbanned, that's right, Rampaging Ferocidon! Okay, you can't really brew around this card but with rotation coming up, I wanted to play something I don't usually play and just netdecked (forgive me) a dinosaur list. This one happens to be Taruto1212's list!

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:01:28

Match 2 - 00:08:17

Match 3 - 00:18:38

Match 4 - 00:33:50

Match 5 - 00:42:29

Match 6 - 00:58:03

Overall, I thought the deck was fun, especially when we got to smash face with Ghalta. It might be right to play 4 Ghalta and no Regisaur Alpha as that card was underwhelming. I also can not recommend crafting this deck on MTG Arena has so many cards to rotate very soon. If you want to see Ghalta smash some faces as early as turn four, then you'll enjoy the video!

Ali Aintrazi

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