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Ali Plays Standard Gyruda


Hey everyone! Today will be the last time we play Standard with War of the Spark. After today, I will have my Zendikar Rising Set Review coming out 9/21/2020, then the week after that I will start making new Zendikar Rising Standard decks. I am super excited for new Standard and rotation, and I'm holding out hope Uro is not too much in the new format. Today's sweet deck comes from Synergizer who placed 8th in the Standard Magic Online Challenge. Deck is sweet! Let us check it out.

Time Stamps:

02:29 - Match 1

09:49 - Match 2

24:48 - Match 3

This deck is similar to the even cmc (converted mana cost) Gyruda decks that popped up when Ikoria first came out. You can win by looping Gyrudas and milling your opponent out or have a couple of big Gyrudas in play thanks to Spark Double. If you manage to get Terror of the Peaks out first, your Gyrudas will loop and just kill the opponent. This deck does not run Gyruda as a companion, instead it opts to run the full playset of Gyrudas main deck. You always have the back-up plan of Fiend Artisan beatdown or just tutor up more Gyruda, Doom of Depths with Fiend Artisan.

I'd recommend trying this deck out if you already have the cards but if you do not, then I would hold off and just wait for rotation since this deck will lose a lot, especially the mana base. Thanks for reading and I will see you with new Zendikar Rising decks soon!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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