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Ali Plays Standard Temur Kiora


What is up everyone? Today I have a sweet decklist from H0lydiv. It's a Temur deck playing Kiora Bests the Sea God. I have played Temur Ramp in the past and was not that impressed with the deck, it just felt like you were not doing enough, and you were all in on Ugin. Genesis Ultimatum in Temur Ramp sucked if it was not hitting Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. This ramp deck is different and has many more avenues of attack as well as defense since it plays both removal and countermagic.

Let's go ahead and look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

00:01:36 - Match 1

00:11:41 - Match 2

00:25:13 - Match 3

00:36:20 - Match 4

00:55:59 - Match 5

01:06:02 - Match 6

As you can see, we are ramping into Kiora Bests the Sea God and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Copying Kiora Bests the Sea God with Mythos of Illuna is an amazing feeling when you get to do it and closes the game out rapidly. Along the way we can slow the game down with counterspells and removal. I love the ramp splits as well. Cultivate is the best ramp spell but I think the first Skyclave Relic is better than the fourth Cultivate in this deck, it is immensely powerful when kicked. Midnight Clock is my personal favorite ramp spell here as it will wheel you seven cards often, you can see this in the videos. After playing this deck I would highly recommend it if you enjoy ramp strategies!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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