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Ali Plays Temur Adventures


Today, I get to talk about my current favorite deck in Standard, Temur Adventures! I've been having a blast with the deck and it's the deck I used to get to Mythic last season along with Simic Nexus of Fate in Historic. This is like other adventure decks but utilizes Blue for not only Brazen Borrower but also Fae of Wishes, so we do have a wishboard for Fae of Wishes.

Let's look at the list.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:01:56

Match 2 - 00:18:37

Match 3 - 00:47:56

Fae of Wishes grants us access to a lot of cards and utility spells. It's great to grab Fling so that you can Fling a Beanstalk Giant at your opponent for lethal. You can also sometimes setup Fling + Expansion if you have a Lucky Clover out when you cast Granted. Otherwise the deck works like any other adventure deck but the access to Blue should help you from running out of cards because you not only have Edgewall Innkeeper as card advantage but also Escape to the Wilds, Fae of Wishes, and The Great Henge.

Deck is great and fun, but I will say if you expect a lot of cat + witch's oven decks, I'd hold off from playing it too much unless you can figure out that matchup. If you can, please let me know!

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have wonderful weekend!

Ali Aintrazi

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