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Ali Plays Historic Inexorable Walkers


Welcome back, everybody. Today we give Inexorable Tide a chance in Historic. Since we don't have access to poison counters, the best thing alongside Inexorable Tide is most likely going to be planeswalkers. So, we are playing with this sweet proliferate enchantment alongside some planeswalkers to try to ultimate them quickly.

Let's look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

01:47 - Match 1

04:06 - Match 2

08:40 - Match 3

16:42 - Match 4

19:44 - Match 5

25:02 - Match 6

31:52 - Match 7

40:34 - Match 8

The deck was fun to play! The Pact of Negation really did a lot of work and I am curious if we could just play more Pact of Negations and add some Gideon of the Trials for early game aggression, defense, and so we do not have to pay for the Pact of Negation on our upkeep. Oath of Ajani is an interesting one, and it is a fine singleton decreasing the costs of all planeswalkers, but I would not play more than one. If the format is aggressive, I would also like to try Haze of Pollen as it works really well with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Nissa, Who Shakes the World since you can play either of them and still hold up a Fog. Dovin, Grand Arbiter was interesting, especially early on defense to protect your other planeswalkers. The life also adds up over time. I was really impressed by Nissa, Steward of Elements as she is cheap early and can just act as a Banefire for 10 if you have 8 mana laying around mid to late game. Overall, I do not think Inexorable Tide is competitive but I do think a planeswalker superfriends deck could be and I am interested in exploring that idea more!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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