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Beat Downs with the Boz: Standard Grixis Control


Recently, Ralph Betesh, landed a Top 8 slot in GPNY with the following Grixis Deck. This is the premiere control deck of the format, but its high creature count makes it play more like a midrange strategy. It is a mix of great creatures that can generate value — paired with a diversified removal suite capable of answering anything. Ralph has managed to build it with a good curve and has included a boat load of card advantage. Oh, did I mention it plays Silumgar's Command? That card is such gas. If you like Jund in Modern this is almost certainly the deck for you!

Deck Tech

Match 1: G/W Tokens

Match 2: 4-Color Company

Match 3: U/W Midrange

Match 4: 4-Color Rites

Match 5: B/G Midrange


All in all, I liked this deck quite a bit and could certainly see myself playing it at a tournament. Similar to the The Great Aurora deck I introduced last week, this deck is a lot of fun and well rounded, and it doesn't have a huge weakness. With good sideboarding, I would feel confident being able to beat anything. My one complaint is the mana is a little sketchy. If I was going to make one change right away, it would be to change a Smoldering Marsh into a Sunken Hollow, I want turn two Jace more frequently! Other than that, I really liked every card, even the one Grip of Desolation. This deck gets a solid A in my book and it is no wonder the archetype has been doing so well.

Until next week, GLHF friends. May you smite thy enemies with a Golden Axe!

— Andrew Boswell

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