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Midnight Hunt Budget Gems


Welcome back everyone, and I apologize for the extended absence! Between medical and family things, my hands have been full the past few months. None the less, I am back, and here to keep the train rolling on budget goodness! During my absence, a lot of cards have been released, and that means there are a lot of opportunities for you to pick up some great singles before they potentially spike! Today we are going to be looking at some cards from the newest set, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt!

Hostile Hostel // Creeping Inn

First on our list is a land that can do some work for us in both Commander and the Pioneer format. Hostile Hostel // Creeping Inn comes in at $3.51 (mtgstocks.com) on average for the non-foils, and $4.98 for the foils. The first thing that caught my eye on the price was that there are not any other printings of this card. The foil price seems to be a steal in comparison to its non-foil counterpart. Hostile Hostel also gives graveyard players another way to leverage late game damage at their opponent(s). Being able to bolster a good graveyard early is something a lot of decks like to do, and this will be able to take full advantage as the game progresses. The downside is we have to pay mana AND it's sorcery speed. However, the upside remains. We can use reanimation type creatures in Pioneer, such as Bloodsoaked Champion to toss into the graveyard during Main phase two.

Regarding Commander, this card has an opportunity to do great things as the game progresses, regardless of when it hits the board. Most Commander games take some time to develop, so this card has plenty of time to not only get cards exiled but hit our opponents. One thing to consider is using a card such as Strionic Resonator once the mana is available to duplicate the ability once it is transformed. It also does not hurt to have a 3/7 body out on the board in the later stages of a game. The fact it transforms into an artifact may help those looking for another artifact or colorless option for their builds. I am not sure where the price will land, but this surely looks like a bargain at the current rate on the foils!

Next up on our list is the common Candletrap. The non-foils are coming in at $0.44 (mtgstocks.com), and the foils are coming in at $0.68. This is an Orzohv players new pet, as it is a truly cheap Pacifism. We get to shut down a creature by only paying one White mana, and then exile it if need be. Some naysayers will state that the creature still has defender. However, being smart Orzhov players, we will have creatures with deathtouch at our disposal. This negates the fact it has defender, as our opponent will have to think before blocking. Another nice thing is that we can activate its ability at instant speed. We can place it on a bigger creature, bait our opponent to waste mana on removing it, and then pop the ability before their removal resolves. That way we not only remove a creature threat, but we force our opponent to potentially tap out before our next turn. Considering this is a common, it will most certainly be used in Pauper format as well. Long-term this will be over the $2.00 range for the foils if not more! By the way you can get foils here on CoolStuffInc for $0.25!

Consuming Blob
Consuming Blob is one that holds a lot of intrigue. The current price is at $3.60 (mtgstocks.com) on average for the non-foils, $3.96 for the foils, $5.00 for the alternate art non-foils, and $9.30 for the alternate art foils. This intrigues me because it brings up another pet card of mine that I would use to cheat this out: Champion of Rhonas. One might ask "Champion of Rhonas is a 4-drop, could I not just cast the ooze turn four pending my land base and dorks?" The answer is yes, but why waste the mana when we can play it for free! This one would obviously benefit more from a graveyard-style brew, but being able to cheat it out potentially turn four and getting an additional token at your endstep is huge! In the most believable of scenarios, it is easy to say you could have four types of cards in your graveyard by turn four, making this creature a 4/5. Even in this scenario, if Champion of Rhonas dies after attacking, we do not care as long as we get Consuming Blob on the board. Sultai seems like an optimal shell, as Blue has cards to copy this in addition to any other copies we might have in our deck. Just imagine turn five having two on the board with a token already, and then at your end step you have a total of five 4/5 creatures. That is something to consider, my friends. I would like to see the price come down a little bit more before using cash on this, but if you have trade available, I would consider getting the non-foils.

Enduring Angel // Angelic Enforcer

Enduring Angel // Angelic Enforcer is the last card we're going over. The price on this comes in at $4.21 for the non-foils, and $5.34 for the foils. The foils are where my mind is going for the Commander format, for Angels or an Orzhov life loss/gain styled brew. A realistic combo we could use to completely change the game or potentially win looks like this: Utilizing K'rrik, son of Yawgmoth, Enduring Angel // Angelic Enforcer, Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, and Arguel's Blood Fast // Temple of Aclazotz we are going to pay life to activate the ability on Arguel's Bloodfast until we reach zero life. Once we hit zero life that will trigger Enduring Angel to transform. Before we do this though you want to make sure none of your opponents have anything that can potentially ping us down, or we have a card available that allows us to gain life and save ourselves before lethal would be dealt. Now, this scenario in of itself sounds great right? We transformed our Enduring Angel, we drew into a bunch of cards (hopefully), we have hexproof, and now going into combat we can start doubling our life total! Here comes the cherry on top of all of that. If we drew into anything that will gain us life by casting it or entering the battlefield, we can potentially kill our opponents when we attack using Boon Reflection and Sunbond. For those wondering how, here is how the stack would go in this scenario.

  1. Boon Reflection doubles our life as we gain it.
  2. Cast Sunbond on Angelic Enforcer.
  3. We cast a card where we gain three life on it resolving, such as Cathedral Sanctifier.
  4. Boon Reflection gives us an additional three life, putting us up to nine life. This gives Angelic Enforcer six total +1/+1 counters from Sunbonds trigger. (Angelic Enforcer is now at 15/15).
  5. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose triggers being able to deal six damage divided how you want.
  6. Activate Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Roses' ability to give everything lifelink
  7. We attack with our Angelic Enforcer, doubling our life total. Attack an opponent who cannot block or destroy Angelic Enforcer. Thanks to Boon Reflection, we are now at twenty-seven life. Angelic Enforcer gains eighteen +1/+1 counters from Sunbonds trigger from life gain. Angelic Enforcer is now 48/48.
  8. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose triggers, and we have eighteen damage to divide how we want.
  9. After combat damage resolves we gain forty-eight life from Angelic Enforcer.
  10. Boon Reflection triggers and we gain another forty-eight life.
  11. Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose triggers, and we now have ninety-six damage to divide up how we want. In theory we should have enough to not only do lethal to the opponent we attacked, but also enough to divide up around the rest of the pod in a four-player game. If we somehow didn't deal lethal to everyone, Angelic Enforcer is now a 195/195 creature! That is something most opponents will just scoop from if they have no response. Even without Boon Reflection this combo would do work!

Thanks for reading this today, and I hope you come back for more!

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