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More Midnight Hunt Budget Gems


Welcome back everyone to another week and another article. Today we are picking up where we left off talking about some new cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Hopefully by the end of the article you will have some cards to put on your list! Since I will not be able to highlight in detail every card in the set I like, I am going to give you a quick list of some to keep an eye on as well before we get started!

  1. Lunarch Veteran // Luminous Phantom
  2. Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia
  3. Slaughter Specialist
  4. Sungold Sentinel
  5. Triskaidekaphile
  6. Stromkirk Bloodthief
  7. Search Party Captain

Vanquish the Horde
First up on our list is Vanquish the Horde. The pricing for non-foils is $4.30, $4.25 for foils, $4.68 for alternate art non-foils, $12.77 for alternate art foils, $4.99 for prerelease foils, and $4.00 for the promo pack version (mtgstocks.com). The price is currently on a downward trend, so be sure to keep an eye on it before purchasing. This can be valuable in pretty much any format but will be most popular in Commander. With the casting cost reduced by one from not only your creatures but your opponents as well, it will likely be a Commander staple. More often than not you are going to be able to cast this for just two White relatively easily in Commander. In both Modern and Pioneer this will be a sideboard staple, at the very least, in control decks, especially those decks that (annoyingly) primarily make use of planeswalkers. I can see those decks relishing in watching you bolster up a creature base just to blow it away when your hand size is low. I am not sure where this will sit long-term for its price, but even if you got the copies where it is currently sitting it is not a horrible price.

Ambitious Farmhand // Seasoned Cathar

Ambitious Farmhand // Seasoned Cathar is our next card to discuss and is a great tutor card for those on a budget! It is currently $1.99 for the gold stamped alternate art, $0.25 for a full art copy, $0.32 for the non-foil, and $0.57 for foil copies (mtgstocks.com). I think people might be sleeping on how good this land tutor will be in formats such as Pioneer and Modern. White weenie decks will abuse the heck out of this thing. There is nothing more those decks hate than drawing lands in the later stages of a match, so utilizing this among other land tutors like Evolving Wilds (keeping it budget friendly) would help pull the unnecessary lands from our deck. This would also work well in a humans styled deck to help speed things up. Another thing to consider is decks that utilize flicker and reanimation. Being able to abuse that "enter the battlefield" trigger can really help us get a bunch of lands out from our decks much quicker! I am not sure where the foils will end up long-term, but the price is on a downward trend. Keep that in mind before using cash to make sure you get it as close to floor price as possible.

Katilda, Dawnhart Prime
Katilda, Dawnhart Prime is next up and should be considered in every human brew going forward. Its current price is $0.68 for non-foils, $1.56 for foils, $1.09 for gold stamp full arts, $0.25 for full art, $1.00 for the alternat art non-foil, $2.50 for the alternat art foil, $0.70 for the prerelease foil, $0.77 for the promo pack non-foil, and $0.98 for the promo pack foil copies (mtgstocks.com). Unfortunately, with cards like this it is hard to see the ceiling with the price, as there are so many printings of it. Nonetheless, this is a great thing for those of us who love to get value on a budget! In human styled decks this will make an immediate impact once it is on the board. In my mind, I would like to see this used in a way that we are bolstering up cheap human options like tokens before this comes out. One thing a human deck needs to keep moving at a good pace is mana, and this gives us options for more if we do not have a solid land base for multiple plays. This will primarily see Pioneer play but can be utilized in Commander as well. If we are running a human tribal Commander deck, it only makes sense to add this one in there as well for versatility.

Malevolent Hermit // Benevolent Geist

Malevolent Hermit // Benevolent Geist is going to be a menace for control players going forward. Its price currently comes in at $1.39 for non-foils, $3.54 for foils, $5.71 for the prerelease foils, $2.99 for the alternate art non-foil, and $4.99 for the alternat art foil (mtgstocks.com). This card is Mana Leak with legs. Not only do you get to counter something with its ability, but it then makes it so your non-creature spells cannot be countered. That's huge! At the very least this will be a sideboard piece. Burn decks and decks utilizing buffs or aura spells could benefit from this when it transforms. The last thing an Izzet player wants is to have their precious burn spells countered, and having this just sitting there will give them a sigh of relief. Another thing to consider with this one is putting it into a spirits build since it becomes a spirit once it transforms. This card is going to annoy a lot of players that want to "nope" your spells. Keep this one on your radar as it is on a downward trend!

Vengeful Strangler // Strangling Grasp

Vengeful Strangler // Strangling Grasp is a great budget option to get under our opponents' skin. The price is currently $0.25 for non-foils and $0.50 for foil copies (mtgstocks.com). This has a lot of intrigue for eternal formats. I love the idea of using this card in decks that want to sacrifice things for upside. Being able to attach this to a planeswalker or another creature that your opponent really wants is going to give them a headache. With a mana cost of only two there is big upside with a low cost. The only downside with is we lose out on value if our opponent has nothing to attach it to and it gets removed. In Commander this could be a budget option to throw into a deck as another thing to annoy your opponents. In Commander another thing to keep in mind with this card is the many ways to reanimate this. It does not go to exile once it is unattached from a permanent. This means we can bring it back and repeat the process as much as we can with the resources available! That is something no Commander player wants to deal with throughout a match!

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed this read, and we will see you next time!

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