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Brainstorm Brewery #94 – The Death of Legacy(?)


When a dual land starts to go for the price of a beaten-up Mox, you know it's time to take a look at whether Legacy can survive as a format. Is this bad overall for the community or is this a simple case of some people being priced out of the format because that is how it is? What is the future for Legacy? The gang weighs in on that and some Twitter drama that is almost too funny to be real. Corbin had his first weekend working for official Wizards press coverage for Grand Prix Cincinnati, and Ryan made the mistake of letting Corbin shanghai the entire group again and pick the restaurant. You can guess where they all ended up. With new meme-related content headed for BrainstormBrewery.com and a card the cast really liked during the spoiler heating up, there is plenty to talk about. What's the effect of Event Decks vs. prerelease promos? What's the cheapest deck in Legacy right now? How many times and on how many different sites can you use the same Pick of the Week if your name starts with a C and ends in an “Orbin is the one who tried to pull that”? Join us for a hard-hitting episode that is easy to listen to and tough to edit that will have you asking, “What do you call a Graveborn graveyard deck with no dredge cards in it?” This is Brainstorm Brewery.

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  • Some spicy Twitter drama proves MTG finance is never dull.
  • What's the future of Legacy?
  • Pick of the Week goes about as you'd expect.
  • What is the effect of Event Decks on card prices?
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