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Christiansen Conquers Quebec City


806 players showed up in Quebec City to battle Standard in the wake of Pro Tour Gatecrash. Nico Christiansen and his Naya Humans were the story of the weekend, winning multiple games on camera on his third turn and blowing people out with Giant Growth in constructed. He battled all the way to the Top 8, featuring both Tzu Ching Kuo and Reid Duke.

Nico Christiansen met 9-time Grand Prix Top 8 competitior and World Magic Cup Champion Tzu Ching Kuo in the finals. Kuo, piloting Human Reanimator, took the match to three games before finally falling to Christiansen's brutal human beatdown.

Congratulations to Nico Christiansen, your Grand Prix Quebec City Champion

Check the official coverage for feature matches and information from Quebec City. If you've got a Standard event coming up, try out some of the most successful decks on the weekend:








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