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Poster Child


One of the most powerful big mana engines in Legacy is Cloudpost. The locus engine traditionally combines Cloudpost, Glimmerpost, and Vesuva to ensure that you can generate enormous sums of mana while keeping your life total out of the red zone, and you're typically curving right up into Eldrazi titans to close out the game. There have been all manner of interesting takes on this archetype over the years, but this latest build by Mikre might be the strangest one to date:

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
At a glance, this might look fairly typical. Primeval Titan gives you a middle of the road threat to ramp into with your Cloudposts. The first trigger lets you bolster your life total or find an extra Cloudpost to start casting Eldrazi, or can set up Cavern of Souls plus Eye of Ugin as necessary. You've also got Show and Tell early in the game, which can cheat in either a Primeval Titan or an Eldrazi.

The unique thing about this deck is the supporting cast. Typically, decks like this might include a Dark Depths plan, or even some number of Elephant Grass or All is Dust. Instead, Mikre has included Portents and Terminus. This gives you a cheap means of fighting decks that are trying to go wide while you look for opportunities to resolve Primeval Titan and pull way ahead.

This deck has traditionally had an incredibly good matchup against Blue decks, and perhaps this new angle gives you an effective means of fighting back against the likes of Elves or Death and Taxes. If your metagame is primarily Blue-based, it's possible that you could shift some of the Terminuses to the sideboard, or even cut them entirely to add more cards like Green Sun's Zenith to help improve the consistency of your Primeval Titan gameplan.

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