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The Meek Shall Inherit


For many years, Sword of the Meek was banned in Modern because of the powerful interaction between Sword of the Meek and Thopter Foundry. Immediately after the card was unbanned, many players were trying to put together powerful wu control decks that leveraged the combo as a kind of inevitability. These decks frequently featured cards like Gifts Ungiven and Muddle the Mixture, but never really had a strong breakout performance. This week, TheNobodys has a different take on Thopter-Sword Control:

Thopter Foundry
This deck looks an awful lot like the Lantern of Insight control decks that have become a fringe presence in Modern. However, rather than looking to lock your opponent out of their draw step with Codex Shredders, this deck wants to stall out the ground with Lingering Souls tokens and Thopter Foundry. This is a deck that wants to aggressively assemble the Thopter-Sword combo or an Ensnaring Bridge lock. You can leverage a high density of cheap artifacts to both empty your hand and power up Whir of Invention to find combo pieces, Bridges, or utility artifacts.

There are two exciting new pieces of technology in this deck. The first is Steelshaper's Gift. This card is a one-mana tutor for Sword of the Meek, and fills the role of Ancient Stirrings in the stock Lantern of Insight decks. The second exciting component of this deck is Ideas Unbound. Your deck is packed with both cheap artifacts and cards that don't care about being in the graveyard. This will consistently be a draw three that lets you put a Sword of the Meek or Lingering Souls into the graveyard where they belong.

The last really interesting card in this deck is Time Sieve. This is a powerful Whir of Invention target that lets you just close the door on games. If you have the ability to generate five thopters per turn, this card lets you take all the turns while netting life each turn cycle. Even if you don't have good attacks when you start comboing, you'll eventually find enough lands to net thopters on each turn cycle and attack for lethal.

This is an exciting new take on the Ensnaring Bridge prison archetype. This deck can very quickly assemble the powerful Thopter-Sword combo and use those thopters to great effect, powering up Whir of Inventions to ensure that your opponents are locked out of their combat step or key answers and combos. If you've been looking for a more aggressive and proactive take on the Lantern Control deck, this might be a great deck for you.

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