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Metal Men


As Humans and Hollow One have emerged as dominant Modern decks, players have adapted by looking for various Ensnaring Bridge Shells that can beat up on these linear aggressive decks without folding to combo and control. Lantern Control is one take on this, but it falls victim to common hate cards like Stony Silence. This week, Meltiin shows us another approach:

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
Good luck using Stony Silence against these Planeswalkers! This deck is built to beat up on a very specific cross-section of the metagame. You're trying to max out on haymakers that just end games in particular matchups and ways to trade resources so that your opponent has fewer options to play around these cards. Here are the highlights:

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and Tezzeret the Seeker are your primary card selection engines. You use them to dig towards your Ensnaring Bridges against aggro decks, Witchbane Orb and Pithing Needle against various combo decks, and Relic of Progenitus against decks like Death's Shadow that rely on the graveyard. These are backed up by Liliana of the Veil which helps you trade resources efficiently with your opponent.

As far as other interaction goes, you've got Collective Brutality, which is a flexible card that lets you trade cards with your opponent at an incredible rate. You've also got one-mana discard spells as well as Damnation. These cards help you pick apart your opponent's early game and then follow up by punishing them for committing to the board.

One of the biggest strengths of this deck is that you get to play a number of high impact artifacts in the sideboard and dig towards them with your maindeck card selection engines. Cards like Damping Matrix, Damping Sphere, and Ratchet Bomb can be all but game-ending against the decks they are good against, and you only have to play one or two copies to have a reasonable chance of finding them.

If you're looking for a control deck that can play a ton of high-impact singletons that are targeted towards specific matchups, this deck seems like it's a ton of fun. You get to take advantage of some of the most powerful artifacts in the format without making yourself vulnerable to some of the most common anti-artifact hate cards in the format.

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