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Ancient Spirits


Spirits are taking Modern by storm. Supreme Phantom seems to have been the missing piece to make this tribe competitive at all levels of Modern play. This tricky tribe has overtaken Faeries as the instant-speed tempo deck, in large part due to its ability to leverage Collected Company as a way to turn the corner. When a deck rises to prominence so quickly in Modern, it's only natural that the next step is to try to make it work in Legacy. Let's take a look at this list by Ultimar:

Spirit of the Labyrinth
Who needs Collected Company? That card is an unnecessary risk in a format with Wasteland and Daze. In Legacy, you'd rather have a safer mana base and more disruptive creatures. In particular, Spirit of the Labyrinth is a card that gets much better when most decks are playing Brainstorm and Ponder. Similarly, keeping your curve low helps you to play your own Dazes and Wastelands.

Kind of like Legacy Goblins, this is a deck that wants to use Aether Vial to allow you to keep up the pressure while leaving up disruption. Unlike Goblins, this deck has the ability to force opponents to make bad decisions. When you leave up an Aether Vial and some mana, there's an enormous suite of cards that your opponent has to worry about. Brainstorms are terrible against Spirit of the Labyrinth. Removal is bad against Rattlechains. Everything else is bad against Spell Queller and Drogskol Captain. They have to play very carefully not to get blown out by something, but if they play too carefully, you'll just put some Lords into play and get them dead.

The power of this tribe is in the efficiency of its interaction and the amount of tricks you can represent for very little mana. Legacy is a format where that strategy thrives. You might struggle a little bit against fair decks that go a little bigger than you, but you can still fly through the air and steal games against cards like Knight of the Reliquary.

All in all, this looks like a really promising starting point, and I can't wait to see what this strategy has to offer in Legacy. You've got a bunch of play against the best cards and decks in the format, as well as a strategic advantage against a huge chunk of the metagame. In addition to that, if you already own most of the Modern pieces, the rest of the deck isn't actually that much more expensive, particularly for a Legacy deck. If you love interactive tempo decks and are looking for a new twist on that strategy, maybe this is the deck for you.

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