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A New Bloom


Since the banning of Summer Bloom, Amulet of Vigor combo decks featuring Primeval Titan have been struggling to find their footing. Sakura-Tribe Scout does a reasonable, if slow impression of Summer Bloom, but without the ability to consistently play Primeval Titan on the second or third turn of the game, the deck is just a little too slow. In this week’s Modern Challenge, Gretorp may have found a way to bring the deck back to the forefront of the Modern Metagame:

Lotus Bloom
The core of the deck is unchanged. You still want to lead on Amulet of Vigor and use ramp spells like Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Sakura-Tribe Scout to play multiple Ravnica bouncelands and generate a bunch of mana. This combination can let you play Primeval Titan early in the game, finding Slayers' Stronghold and Boros Garrison so you can attack with a hasty, vigilant Primeval Titan. That first Titan attack lets you find Tolaria West and more bouncelands so that you can find Summoner's Pacts and keep the Primeval Titan train going on subsequent turns. The key is that you have to actually resolve the Primeval Titan in a reasonable amount of time.

Gretorp’s big innovation is the inclusion of Lotus Bloom. If you have it on turn one, this card lets you cast a Primeval Titan on the fourth turn without any help at all, even if your opponent has interaction for your ramp spells. It also means you can make space for some number of Hive Minds again, which was a great alternate win condition for this deck back when it was fully powered.

Beyond that, this deck plays like a midrange deck with the potential for explosive combo turns. Your Primeval Titans can find interactive cards like Bojuka Bog and Radiant Fountain, as well as ensuring that you have consistent access to Pacts. Then you have options like using Tolaria West to find Engineered Explosives or Summoner's Pact to find Thragtusks and Hornet Queens out of the sideboard.

All in all, this is a flexible and powerful deck that’s just looking for a little more consistency and explosiveness after the loss of Summer Bloom. Lotus Blooms in conjunction with Ancient Stirrings to help find them may just be the boost of consistency that this deck needed.

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