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Opt is an exciting reprint that’s opened up a lot of options in Modern. The combination of Opt and Snapcaster Mage giving control decks card selection at instant-speed is a game-changer, and people are just starting to explore all of the possibilities. This ur take is somewhat reminiscent of Blue Moon, but updated for the current metagame:

The core of this deck is still the same as Blue Moon. You’re a control deck that relies on the core of cantrips, Snapcaster Mage, and Cryptic Command to keep the game under control. Lightning Bolt is your removal spell of choice early in the game. Electrolyze and Engineered Explosives help you against decks that are trying to go wide, and Spreading Seas gives you the ability to punish decks that are over-reliant on non-basics.

Vendilion Clique and Pia and Kiran Nalaar are your two means of closing games out quickly. Both cards apply pressure quickly and demand answers before your opponent ends up in range of Snapcaster Mage and Lightning Bolt.

If you’re looking for a control deck that plays a high density of hard counterspells and can turn the corner quickly, this is a great deck to do that. The density of cantrips means that the cards you choose for your last couple of maindeck and sideboard slots are critically important, as is the balance of late-game hard counterspells versus Spell Snares and Lightning Bolts. There’s a lot of flexibility in this style of deck, and that makes it a great choice for the current Modern format.

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