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Modern Horizons 2 Hidden Commander Bombs


Modern Horizons 2 is one of the first sets in some time that has really captured my attention. Modern is a format that now has a play identity unlike any I ever remember playing, which is enough to keep me engaged.

Moreover, these sets make for interesting Commander evaluations, as many of the cards are incidentally relevant to strategies that cover multiple kinds of Commander format play patterns. And it's not just the obvious ones, either; the rares and mythics with their legendary extravagance and showiness - no, there are other interesting treasures to be had here, and for cheap!

EDH brewers: grab these goobers next time you're ordering more expensive Magic cards. They will help you some day when you need them most.

Scour the Desert

What is it?

Lingering Souls at its goofiest.

Who wants it?

There's a big subset of Commander players that dig Birds for some reason. Hey, it's as fine a tribe as any, but like... what? You know you can use Dogs and Cats now, right? And that, I don't know, Dragons are a thing?

You can do better, honey.

Anyway, if you insist on being Birdman starring Michael Keaton in EDH groups going forward, this is one to consider. White creatures like Indomitable Ancients and Empyrial Archangel give you tokens at a rate with many other proven options: think in the spirit of Increasing Devotion or Martial Coup.

Graveyard hate is mandatory in Commander more every day leading into the forever horizon, so that's a big weakness you'll want to play around. Let's be honest, though, you're playing White. You made concessions to big weaknesses a long time ago.

Break the Ice

What is it?

The most exciting land destruction spell since the last land destruction spell, whenever that was.

Who wants it?

Anyone playing Magic: The Gathering.

Though it's clear this is the latest accessible attempt to control some out of control pieces of degenerate Modern mana strategies that have been around for what seems like an eternity, the amount of destruction this will cough all over the battlefield in Commander games is not to be underestimated.

Painlands all come with colorless options built in. Cavern of Souls is at risk. Urza's Saga is on the menu. Mutavault, Mishra's Factory, Riptide Laboratory, Tectonic Edge, Field of Ruin...

Overload mode is going to go wild.

(Sidenote that the common two-color lands in this set are both indestructible and don't tap for colorless. Come on, man.)

Zuran Orb

What is it?

Historically speaking, bannable.

Who wants it?

Me, because I remember what 1996 was like. I had my whole life ahead of me! Weep.

Armageddon and Zuran Orb is an experience worth having nearly three decades later. Tell 'em Rascal sent you.

Ravenous Squirrel

What is it?

Heckin' Nutty!

Who wants it?

Most of the known universe.

The best 1-drops are the ones that don't matter at all to anyone unless they do, in which case they run away with the game on their own for very little investment. Ravenous Squirrel is that sort of card. Dragonmaster Outcast wishes he was this ridiculous. Scute Mob should be ashamed of itself.

Not only is this a one-card momentum motor, but between cards like Quillspike and Viscera Seer, these kinds of cards have a history of needing very little to enable a whole bunch of explosive, one-hit KO type moves.

Beware the Squirrel. That thing is starving.

Ethersworn Sphinx

What is it?

Enigma Sphinx's long lost cousin.

Who wants it?

Cascade addicts (me).

Do you people understand what cascade really is? It's like taking the feeling of opening a booster pack and putting it into a mechanic! It could be anything!

Well, when Commander has artifacts all over the place just as part of the terrain, a card like this is a giant fun button for absolutely no overhead cost other than being willing to exploit its mana cost in some other way - a 4/4 flyer needs to pay a lot of rent these days.

Either way, there's plenty to do here. I hope this thing doesn't become another unappreciated garbage cascader, like Etherium-Horn Sorcerer. That card deserves better.

Timeless Witness

What is it?

Yet another not very subtle tribute to a previous card. I member.

Who wants it?

Everyone who has already been playing Eternal Witness, which in Commander, is a lot of people.

Eternal Witness is already one of the most popular creatures in the history of the format; even the low end of just recurring more copies of it at different points on the curve is plenty. The two of them obviously can loop each other a bit if it tickles some early game value delight, and the new version works better with self-mill stuff, which is always popular.

Squirrel Sovereign

What is it?

Something we should all be ashamed of.

Who wants it?

Not me, but I'm going to buy four or eight and just get it over with.

I just hope I don't run into anyone I know on the errand.

Fae Offering

What is it?

An engaging deck-building problem in a fun space for Green that has an exciting payoff, showcasing the best of recent years' worth of design ideas.

Who wants it?

The new major types of artifact tokens that have shown up over the last several years are all featured here. I was certain when I looked back on it after one read that it would say you got to pick a single token. Heavens no, you get them all!

That feeling? That's why they call this game "magic."

Suspiciously, this Green Faerie card isn't tribal, but we have a Lhurgoyf tribal artifact in the set. This is a very unusual card game.

Parcel Myr

What is it?

The exploding sunglasses from Mission: Impossible, but with legs.

Who is it for?

Literally me only.

Imagine if they had to blow up R2D2 to get Princess Leia's message out of it. That's a whole different movie right there.


The Rascal

The Indestructible Danny West

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