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English M11 Shortage in Europe?


Poster "games-island-de" posts the following on MTGSalvation:

I already heard this for the first time two weeks ago but now it's confirmed that M11 will not be available from the distributors in Europe until at least beginning, probably middle of September. This is for the english version of M11. German, French etc.. are still available. The set was practically sold out within the first week and WotC doesn't have any stock left now.

In my oppinion this means that there won't be any boxes at regular price in like 2-3 weeks. M11 sold better than expected and most shops probably don't have huge stock and will be sold out soon. This is my oppinion and maybe someone has huge stock. I'd be surprised though.

It would be interesting to hear if anyone knows something about a possible shortage in the US or any other countries / continents.

If you have any questions about the availability in Europe or other questions please feel free to ask

What this means if true:

It sounds like due to heavy M11 sales, many stores have already exhausted what they had ordered before the set released and now the distributors are out of the extra boxes they had ordered. As such the supply is temporarily dry from distributors, this will cause a spike in box prices overseas since they cannot be replenished by American vendors due to Wizards' shipping restrictions. The box price will remain high until the supply of M11 is restored in mid-September and then as stores receive new boxes and consumers are again able to get their box from a variety of vendors, the box price will return to normal.

Note: According to two of our sources with US stores, they are not aware of any problems with their ability to get Magic 2011 boxes in the upcoming restock.

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