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Grand Prix Formats Announced For Start of 2012


Wizards decided to hold off on announcing the formats for the previously announced 2012 Grand Prixes, leaving players to wonder what would become of the events and what formats would see play. In Brian David-Marshall's article today they reveal the formats for the currently announced 2012 Grand Prixes, taking us through March of next year.

City Country Dates Format
Austin USA January 7-8 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad)
Orlando USA January 14-15 Standard
Kobe Japan February 18-19 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad-Dark Ascension)
Lincoln USA February 18-19 Modern
Madrid Spain February 25-26 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad-Dark Ascension)
Baltimore USA February 25-26 Standard
Lille France March 3-4 Standard
Seattle USA March 3-4 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad-Dark Ascension)
Indianapolis USA March 10-11 Legacy
Nashville USA March 17-18 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad-Dark Ascension)
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia March 24-25 Standard
Mexico City Mexico March 24-25 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad-Dark Ascension)
Melbourne Australia March 31-April 1 Sealed/Booster Draft (Innistrad-Dark Ascension)
Salt Lake City USA March 31-April 1 Standard
Turin Italy March 31-April 1 Modern

Assuming they keep the same distribution for the year, this schedule suggests we're looking at roughly:

Sealed / Limited Booster Draft - 7 events suggests 25-30 for the year

Standard - 5 events suggests 17-22 for the year

Modern - 2 events suggests 6-10 for the year

Legacy - 1 event suggests 3-5 for the year

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