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Scapeshift Versus Jund


Reid and I chose to play the soon-to-be-popular matchup Jund versus Scapeshift with the following lists.

I did a fair amount of research into old Scapeshift lists from the past Extended seasons (including the season with no Ravnica dual lands as well as the season with Ravnica dual lands).

The inspiration from the original list came from my friend Yoel Izsak who played a lot of Scapeshift (including at Grand Prix: Houston):

This list hasn’t changed much from this except that Ponder became Serum Visions (and I still need to try Sleight of Hand in that slot), and Firespout and Repeal became two Pyroclasm and two Snapcaster Mage. The Snapcaster Mage and See Beyond were taken from Gerry’s list he wrote about, but I found Explore to be underwhelming.

Reid and I both thought Scapeshift was ahead by a bit, but I thought it was only slightly in favor of Scapeshift. The reason we thought Scapeshift was ahead is that it is completely possible for Scapeshift to just peel out by drawing Snapcaster Mage, Peer Through Depths, or Scapeshift off the top with seven to eight lands in play to kill Jund, and Jund doesn’t kill quickly enough to stop this.

Some key cards from my side are Cryptic Command, ramp spells, and Snapcaster Mage.

From his side, Liliana of the Veil and discard spells are the most problematic ones, although Dark Confidant leads to an unending stream of them.

Post-board, the matchup improves greatly for him, and it only marginally increases for me.

I believe he would take out one Lightning Bolt, one Jund Charm, two Maelstrom Pulse, and two Terminate for three Fulminator Mage, two Duress, and one Sowing Salt.

On my end, I tried a few different plans (involving cutting Search for Tomorrow and Serum Visions) for various numbers of Negates, Kitchen Finks, Obstinate Baloths, and Wurmcoil Engines. I am still not totally sure how to board, and I need to investigate that in greater detail.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
In conclusion, the matches played out the way I thought they would. Any game in which he had Liliana of the Veil was much more difficult to win. (I also made a huge mistake in the first match by not Scapeshifting for two Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and six Mountains to kill him.)

In general, I was very live to top-deck my way into a win if I had enough lands in play, which dictated most of my plays (discarding Scapeshift instead of lands at most junctures just trying to hit 7 mana). I think Kitchen Finks is mostly mediocre against him and should just become the third and fourth Obstinate Baloths.

Fulminator Mage was quite annoying from his end since it sets me back a turn every time he uses one, and if I am not careful, it could potentially stop me from winning. (If I Scapeshift with exactly seven lands in play, and he kills a Mountain with all of the triggers on the stack, only one trigger will resolve properly).

I also think R/G and Wargate Scapeshift decks will have a presence in the metagame depending exactly on how they are built.

I look forward to any comments or criticism people might have.

Until next time, have fun putting six or more Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle triggers on the stack!


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