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Wait, They Have Tron On MTG Arena?


There's something very cool about all colorless decks.

In a way it feels like you're cheating, circumventing the very fabric that the game is built upon. The central core of the game is the five colors and the unique things they can and can't do, and you're just completely sidestepping that.

You know what else is very cool?

Urza's Tower
Urza's Mine
Urza's Power Plant

Tron lands!

Time Stamps:

05:39 - Match 1

20:04 - Match 2

33:18 - Match 3

Urza's Construction Drone
Matter Reshaper

Urza's Construction Drone is a fun, digital only design in Historic that allows you to conjure the Urzatron into your deck, but the important part is that it's also just a 3/3 the draws a land when it dies and when it attacks, the tron part is almost just a bonus. Mix that in with Matter Reshaper and you get the ability to make your land drops while also presenting good blockers.

Mind Stone
Karn, the Great Creator
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Mix in some good colorless acceleration and some big top end payoffs like Karn, the Great Creator, Wurmcoil Engine, and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and you've got a fun deck that grinds very well, while also gaining access to a metric ton of great utility lands.

Unfortunately, the matchup spread in this video was pretty bad, playing against three extremely linear decks that all take advantage of our lack of removal and get their things done before we can get our engine online, but that's Magic sometimes! This deck is definitely much better against the fairer decks of the format, as well as just being fun to play. Better luck next time!

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