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Saying Go with Umori Instants!


Normally when you think of Umori, the Collector, you think about creatures. Umori is of course a creature itself, and plays very well with mana acceleration (usually creature-based) and big threats (usually creatures). Play Umori on turn three off of a Paradise Druid, then start casting haymaker after haymaker.

Umori, the Collector

But what if I told you that Umori had a little more depth in that big Green pile of ooze?

Sure, with Theros Beyond Death legal in Standard and enchantment creatures everywhere doing enchantments seems pretty easy, and artifacts is also interesting, but what if we went completely off the grid? To a place you'd never expect to see Umori, especially in Standard?

What if we used Umori as the centerpiece of a control deck that only played instants?

Time Stamps:

00:06:06 - Match 1

00:36:14 - Match 2

01:10:16 - Match 3

01:35:13 - Match 4

Originally sent in to me on my stream by viewer MIllionLittleE, Umori Instants is a riot.

Chemister's Insight
Drown in the Loch

Umori Instants is a pure draw-go style control deck, perhaps the purest seen in Standard in a long time. Every card in the entire deck is of course an instant, meaning the only thing you ever need to tap mana for on your turn is Umori. Otherwise you get to play a land and say go every single turn and let your opponent figure out what is going on.

Commence the Endgame

This is of course all possible because of Commence the Endgame, an instant that actually gives you a win condition on top of card draw. While a card like Shark Typhoon would be great as a win condition in this deck, it obviously doesn't meet the Umori requirement. Commence the Endgame is similarly uncounterable however, and great to return off of Mystic Sanctuary.

Don't undersell Umori in this deck either. Getting to play Umori on turn five with one mana open for Negate or Essence Scatter is great, and Umori turns Neutralize into straight up Counterspell and Chemister's Insight into instant speed Divination. Umori also hits hard and is pretty hard to kill.

Mystical Dispute
Teferi, Time Raveler

As we saw in the video, this deck is certainly challenging to pilot, but it's also got some serious chops. As long as you can keep Teferi, Time Raveler off of the battlefield (hence the four maindeck Mystical Dispute) your Jeskai Lukka matchup is pretty solid, and you've got game most other places as well.

So play a land, say go, and make your opponent really confused why you aren't playing any creatures in your Umori deck!

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