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Gain Three And You Will See, Silversmote Dredge Is The Place To Be


Dredge is never interested in normal Magic cards.

When a new set comes out, Magic players always look towards the flashy rares and mythics for the next Oko, Thief of Crowns or Once Upon A Time. Cards that look great, are obviously powerful, and have the potential to impact many different decks in many different formats. However, that's not how a Dredge player looks at a new card list. Instead, it's CTRL-F for graveyard and see if the effect is "free." This worked great in Guilds of Ravnica with Creeping Chill and now works once again in Core Set 2021 with Silversmote Ghoul.

Silversmote Ghoul

Returns from the graveyard to the battlefield for "free"? Sign me up!

Time Stamps:

00:04:32 - Match 1

00:24:55 - Match 2

01:06:26 - Match 3

01:41:26 - Match 4

02:09:59 - Match 5

Whoa boy, talk about the league from hell!

While basically everything that could go wrong... well... did in that league, don't take it as a count against the deck. The list is by Skrown from a 5-0 MTGO League deck dump and I also had played it on stream earlier last week to a 5-0 as well.

Creeping Chill
Smiting Helix

Silversmote Ghoul was great, replacing Bloodghast's need for a land drop to allow for faster Prized Amalgams on turn two when you didn't hit your Narcomeoba. The fact Silversmote Ghoul could also block, as well as sacrifice itself to draw and Dredge more was nice too. Add to this a clever addition of Modern Horizons uncommon Smiting Helix to give the deck more reach and lifegain effects to trigger Silversmote Ghoul and you've got a nice one.

Insolent Neonate
Merchant of the Vale

One thing I may change however is the underwhelming Haggle. You rarely want to ever cast Merchant of the Vale, which makes Haggle feel worse than Insolent Neonate. Insolent Neonate also has the benefit of being quite good in games that feature a lot of hate, as a cheap creature that can attack as well as a card that can sit in play and start dredging again immediately for free once you are able to answer the graveyard hate piece.

Dredge will always suffer in the face of immense graveyard hate, but with a Modern format so wide open right now it's very difficult for anyone to bring that much hate to the table. Unless of course they were playing against me in this video of course! But seriously, Silversmote Ghoul is a nice power bump to a deck that was already very reasonable.

Just gain three and you will see!

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