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Tackling New Standard With An Army of the Dead


We've got quite the new Standard format on our hands!

With the latest round of bans, Standard is finally starting to feel like itself again. There have been a ton of different decks all doing relatively interesting things, and nothing has jumped out yet as feeling oppressively powerful. But while Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath may be gone, there's still one titan left in Standard:

Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger

While Uro hung out with everyone, Kroxa, knows exactly the kind of crew he wants to roll with. And luckily for Kroxa, there are a ton of great graveyard things happening in Rakdos right now. Add that onto a bevy of some of the best removal and interaction in the format and you've got yourself quite a deck.

Time Stamps:

00:05:46 - Match 1

00:27:40 - Match 2

00:43:32 - Match 3

00:57:31 - Match 4

01:20:44 - Match 5

Some convincing wins but some tough losses.

Nyx Lotus
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Unfortunately, we just couldn't find the right disruption against our go big opponents, but even then we were very close to victory in both losses. As players figure out ways to mitigate the effectiveness of Stomp/Bonecrusher Giant, the maindeck may need to be tuned a bit to compensate, but despite the losses the deck is still both powerful and flexible.

With the ability to present good threats while also being able to play in all stages of the game and adapt to almost anything, Rakdos Dead is one of the early frontrunners for tier one status. Will that change in two weeks? Maybe, but for now fire up those Kroxa and let it ride!

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