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A Colossus Wrapped In A Paradox


Kaladesh Remastered is here, bringing a whole host of "new" cards to Historic on MTG Arena. Kaladesh and Aether Revolt were profoundly powerful sets, and while some of the most powerful cards didn't make the cut there are a whole bunch that did. Of course, the sets biggest theme was artifacts, and while everyone talks about Smuggler's Copter and Walking Ballista, there are a few big ones that might slip through the cracks.

Metalwork Colossus
Paradox Engine

Metalwork Colossus is a bit too big to slip through any cracks, rewarding you handily for playing many artifacts. But the real weird one is Paradox Engine, which is expensive and doesn't do anything by itself, but can set up an insane engine that will play your entire deck with Mystic Forge and artifact mana.

The tough part is putting it all together!

Time Stamps:

00:04:13 - Match 1

00:17:41 - Match 2

00:36:48 - Match 3

00:50:38 - Match 4

01:01:03 - Match 5

Okay not the best record, but it is clear both that there is something there and this is not an easy deck to build. I'd also like to note that this deck was built by Will Pulliam and is still in its early stages.

Mystic Forge
Karn, the Great Creator
Hedron Archive

When the engine got going, it was smooth as butter, but we had some issues getting there. The Glass Caskets were great, while the Timely Reinforcements would have been great (if we ever drew them!), solidifying the White splash as very useful, but we still fell to aggro a number of times.

The reality is that finding the right mix of cards here is very difficult. There's a thing line to walk between comboing and staying alive and finding that line is tough. Still, there's something very powerful here that's a totally new look in the Historic format that's worth pursuing!

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