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Returning Legendary Slugs From The Dead In Standard!


There's something about "legendary slug" that just gets the brain juices flowing.

Toxrill, the Corrosive

Toxrill, the Corrosive is an absurd Magic card. It's hard to imagine ever losing to a creature deck if you can stick one for a turn or two, with the first trigger coming on your end step to immediately effect the board drastically and potentially produce some blockers as well. The issue of course is that seven mana is a lot.

So, what if we skip that part?

This deck, taken to top 8 of a Standard Challenge on MTGO by Felix Sloo, is a riot.

Diregraf Rebirth
Prosperous Innkeeper

Of course, the primary plan is to get Toxrill into the graveyard via Mulch and blood tokens, to eventually bring back with Diregraf Rebirth, but I was pleasantly surprised both with the decks ability to play a normal game of Magic with Esika's Chariot as well as its ability to simply just ramp out Toxrill on turn five or so and cast it the old-fashioned way.

The lack of interaction hurts a bit, but the deck is flashy, fun, and full of powerful things to do. What more could you want?

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