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All I Want For Christmas Is A First Pick Mox


The holidays are over and now it's time to relax!

So, what does that mean? Sip some hot coco by the fire? Open up that new present and see how it works?


It means it's time to Vintage Cube!

Time Stamps:

00:28:29 - Match 1

00:46:06 - Match 2

01:09:15 - Match 3

Another year, another Tangle Wire!

Tangle Wire

I've professed my love for Tangle Wire many times before both here and on my stream and videos, and if this draft didn't prove it's worth, I don't know what will. We locked out a Mono-Red player that cast Goblin Guide on turn one!

Urza's Saga
Garruk Relentless
Laelia, the Blade Reforged

Otherwise, I think this deck was a really fun example of a somewhat unexpected direction that a Cube draft can take you. I mean... Gruul Artifact Aggro? That's pretty awesome! Fast mana always rules the day in Vintage Cube and we did a good job both prioritizing it as well as exploiting it.

Magic Online has given everyone with an account a free Cube Draft token, so go get your Cube on and enjoy the best format in Magic. Otherwise, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, here's to 2022!

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