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Taking Opponents to Prison in Holiday Vintage Cube


If it's the holidays that can only mean one thing.

No not family, friends, and presents... The Holiday Vintage Cube on Magic Online!

Sol Ring
Ancestral Recall
Black Lotus

For Magic players, playing Vintage Cube during the holidays has almost transcended to the point of tradition. Fill up on good food, grow tired of dealing with family, and fire up that queue!

Time Stamps:

00:02:25 - Draft

00:28:13 - Match 1

00:51:24 - Match 2

01:02:30 - Match 3

This deck almost had it all!

Garruk Relentless
Elspeth, Knight-Errant

We had great fast mana with our Sol Ring, Signets, and mana elves. We had great mana in general with many on color dual lands. We had good sticky threats that are great early and fantastic after an Armageddon. We had good artifact removal to deal with mana rocks to make our mana denial plan work. We even had Wasteland and Rishadan Port! There were a few cards that ended up being a bit underwhelming (Condemn, Felidar Retreat, Mirari's Wake) that we just didn't have replacements for, but none of them were awful.

Tangle Wire

I have an unhealthy love for Tangle Wire and these sorts of prison/land destruction decks in Cube, and in those first two matches it's not hard to see why. They don't make Magic cards like Tangle Wire and Armageddon anymore (for good reason), but when played properly they can be devastating. While we weren't able to take down the last match for the trophy, I'd expect a deck of this quality to trophy more often than not.

This draft was a good lesson in Cube drafting in general; find a plan, stick with it, and make sure your cards work well together. We did a good job of keeping our mana base solid, balancing out the right threats to fit with the theme of our deck, and making sure we could shore up the weaknesses we may have as well.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, have fun Cubing, and I'll see you next year!

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